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This Gears of War title might be a remastered edition of the classic title of the franchise, but overall, it offers the same great and memorable experience.

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Gotcha51208d ago

@nassour if your sick go to the Free Clinic...because i am so amped for Gears Ultimate been playing since noon. Your not going to rain on my parade.

FITgamer1208d ago

Just waiting on the PC release announcement.

LifeInNZ1208d ago

Wow, thanks for sharing. Now, what does that have to do with the review for the game on XB1?

FITgamer1208d ago

It's good review, now i'm waiting. Not sure how my comment got your panties in bunch.

iistuii1208d ago

Got all ready for my pre download to unlock & realized it's not out in UK till bloody Friday... Gutted.

Letthewookiewin1208d ago

Wow been wanting to go through this again. Played the first 30 minutes so far and so glad they remade this. Fantastic game.

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