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PSLS writes: The NFL season is rapidly approaching and that means another Madden game is also upon us. Annual sports franchises tend to have a decent fan base, as long as the sport is actually popular, so it’s no surprise that Madden sales do well every year. EA could just sit back, add a little spit and polish, throw in the new names and player movements for the roster updates, slap a shiny new cover on the case, and rake in the dough. Luckily for us sports fans, EA didn’t.

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knifefight1205d ago

Are those gloves and shoes from the thumbnail available on every player?

x_RadicalAura_x1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

Loving what I played so far last night with the new WR/DB gameplay depth, but I have one glaring concern. I noticed after playing one online H2H match that there were WAY too many interceptions. The new WR modifiers (aggressive, RAC, possession) are a cool and necessary concept, but every time you go for an aggressive catch and fail, it seems like the ball goes flying 10 feet in the air, which results in an interception the majority of the time if another defender is nearby. In that one H2H match I played, there were literally 7 interceptions. Yes, tips do happen, but not nearly that often or that dramatically. Hoping they can patch this issue.

You can see the problem I'm speaking of at ~2:39 in this video:

ftwrthtx1205d ago

Great game that will be hard to top next year.