Grandia II 25% Off Now on GOG and Steam

Hurry over to and Steam to take advantage of this great price on a classic Dreamcast RPG

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MercilessDMercer1210d ago

This is one of my favourite games ever!! Why did I let my PC fall so far behind!!!

Digital_Anomaly1210d ago

The only thing I like more than saving money is saving money!

MRBIGCAT1210d ago

Hey this isn't a bad deal at all!

gokuking1210d ago

I hear there are some issues with this port that might warrant some waiting. It'll be on sale again.

Spotie1210d ago

This might be worth signing up for Steam. Wonder if my laptop can run it.

pyroxxx1210d ago

I am sure it can,.. basically they added nothing,.. Hell I think it is the same release as the original,.. (they added some MSAA in the menues,... (which you could force trough the drivers anyway,.. and it is capped at 30,.. (don't know if original PC release was capped)

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