Mad Max for PS4/Xbox One Has 49 Trophies/Achievements - No Spoilers

Avalanche Studios’ Mad Max is due to skid and slide on to store shelves and digital storefronts on September 1st, so naturally the trophies and achievements for the game have been listed online.

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crazychris41241086d ago

Not much noteworthy, your usual complete this act, build this, defeat that, do a lot of driving and walking, have a lot of money and collect this. Like it when achievements/trophies are for doing something cool or funny. Only one on the list is have 4 seconds of air time on a single jump and land it without dying.

chrish19901086d ago

I dunno, eating maggots...

On one hand, I get what you're saying, on the other, I'm happy it's not too complicated - I'll be able to get them all! The amount of games where I've barely even gotten 20% of trophies/achievements is insane, it'd be nice to finish one completely

Eidolon1086d ago (Edited 1086d ago )

Yeah, but trophies for just playing the game don't make the game more fun.. I like the little non-ridiculous challenges.

Cy1086d ago

There's a 12 point achievement, a 2 point achievement and two 3 point achievements.

My nice, aesthetically pleasing Gamerscore.... ;_;

Relientk771085d ago

That's a lot of trophies nice