Konami Clarifies Metal Gear Solid V PvP Microtransactions; You Don’t Need Real Money To Play FOB

Today a few outlets alleged that Metal Gear Solid V players will be required to pay real money in order to play Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain‘s Fowards Operating Base (FOB) online PvP feature.

Konami since clarified the issue on Twitter.

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KryptoniteTail1209d ago

Yeah. The MTs are "accelerators." Lol.

TLG19911209d ago

"the initial set of FOB platforms do not require MB coins"

key word - "initial"

Abriael1209d ago

That means that you get one full Forward Base (hence a set). If you want more than one base, you pay, but you don't need it.

assdan1209d ago

Yeah you.get one dude...

InMyOpinion1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

...but you do need fake money, which cost real money to buy.

Jokes aside, I'm not that worried about this. I intend to put way too many hours into it anyways. And unless it's a complete grindfest unless you buy "accelerators" then I'll probably be fine with it.

Played WarFrame a lot and had no big issues with the microtransactions there so.

KryptoniteTail1209d ago

Isn't WarFrame a F2P title? Isn't it a problem we're seeing F2P mechanics in full retail releases now? That we're comparing accelerators in free games to full retail accelerators is insane to me.

InMyOpinion1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

Good point! What I was getting at is that if I wasn't deterred by it in an F2P game I hopefully will be ok with it in a full priced retail game. I'm hoping to be able to play MGS 5 for a long long time to come.

Overall I think the whole microtransaction thing, and most DLC as well, is a pitiful practice. Remember when it was called expansions and actually expanded the games content instead of cutting it out? :)

To give credit though, MGS 5 seems to be packed to the brim with content compared to many other titles out there. I've read previews from people who have spent 30+ hours with it and only reached 7% completion rate.

LightofDarkness1209d ago

Suddenly the MGO delay is making sense. Force people to play FOB as the only active MP component so they at least have to try it and hopefully get hooked.

NShooter1209d ago

I will enjoy SP and wait for Metal Gear Online 3, didn't and won't care about this mode

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