Nintendo updates its 2015 release schedule

Nintendo reveals a robust lineup of games and special offers scheduled for the remainder of 2015 for Wii U and the 3DS/2DS handheld systems.

Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing, says no other video games company can match what Nintendo has to offer for the remainder of the year stating “ one can match the quality or uniqueness of what Nintendo has to offer for the rest of 2015.”

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Tuxmask551210d ago

Moffitt sure sounds confident. Or cocky. I'm not sure.

Kurisu1210d ago

Project Zero is the only game on that list that I'll be picking up for the Wii U. Have it pre-ordered!

bouzebbal1210d ago

eShop exclusive? WTF?
lineup is not bad at all. I want Xenoblade, Yoshi, Fatal Frame and Mario Tennis.

KryptoniteTail1210d ago

Starfox, Xenoblade, Fatal Frame, and some Marioverse games for Wii U. Nobody can match that? It's good but far from unmatchable.

The only good game for 3DS is the Zelda spinoff. Yippee.

It's just PR speak for a normal lineup.

wonderfulmonkeyman1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

Ignoring Guitar Hero, Just Dance, Yokai Watch, Woolly World, Lego Dimensions, Chibi Robo, Skylanders, physical release for shovel knight, and all the rest, are we?
That sure does make your argument convenient, focusing only on the big names...

Shadowsteal1210d ago

Lol the definition of "grasping at straws"

KryptoniteTail1210d ago

I did not ignore Yoshi, I just put it in with "Marioverse." The rest aren't "unmatchable" in any way, shape, or form like what I listed. And like I should count Shovel Knight because it's rereleased lmao. Reach! You're almost there!

You didn't even try to dispute me on 3DS. It's a weak lineup there.

You ignored I said Wii U had a decent lineup. Do I have to praise Nintendo for being competent otherwise you'll jump down my throat? Lol unbelievable.

wonderfulmonkeyman1210d ago

Pff, you both claim I'm the one reaching when both of you ignore 98% of the announcements.
Right, keep trying kids.

Concertoine1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

I dunno man, those are some straws in your comment too.

Guitar hero and Just Dance are casual games that are on every platform. So is Skylanders.

Also shovel knight? Really? That game came out last year.

I happen to think this is Nintendo's best fall/winter line up in the Wii U's life too. There's no need to point out crappy third party games.

Spotie1209d ago

Your list is not very strong, monkeyman.

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deafdani1209d ago

For me, Super Mario Maker and Xenoblade Chronicles alone are really, really hard to beat.


RPGrinder1209d ago

Nintendo has the best single company lineup this year. It is not even deniable.

Tiqila1210d ago

Great lineup of games, will definitely buy Mario Maker, Starfox, Fatal Frame and Xenoblade. Hopefully I will also have enough time to play them all...

SilverClock1210d ago

Still waitin' on that Zelda for Wii U...

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