Playstation Vita claim settlement emails being sent out now

Sony is now sending out emails with voucher codes from the console maker as an approved benefit for the claims sent out by dissatisfied consumers regarding their purchase of the Playstation Vita during its launch period.

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SmokingMonkey1181d ago

Nice, Thank You for this, checked and my Email. It was there, my Vita just got $25 cheaper because of something I never cared about.

XboxOneX1181d ago

Where do I go to ask for a settlement from the PS4? I looked on the Sony site but I cannot find anywhere to fill out the settlement forms?

Rimeskeem1181d ago

You probably didnt get an email cause you dont have one.

Spotie1181d ago

You settled on Xbox, so you get nothing from Sony.

BQ321181d ago

I legit bought one on day one and have had the same psn with the same email but never received a an email. I would like to know where I can fill out the forms. Still even have the receipt for the day one purchase.

KwietStorm1181d ago

You go to I'm sure you know how to get there. Just grab a mirror and check the tattoo on your backside.

nix1181d ago

First you'll have to take out your head from MS' ass...

showtimefolks1180d ago

Xbox one

you can't claim something you don't really own. why can't you just enjoy your console of choice without getting down to fanboy tactics

XboxOneX1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

@showtimefolks Who are you to tell I do not own a ps4? I have proven many times I am an unbiased gamer who owns and plays ALL consoles.

What you are doing is racism because of my username on the site.

I do not care if you keep accusing me of not owning the console, I will not be silenced from PS4 fanboys who keep attacking me based on a username.


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ifistbrowni1181d ago

It'd be interesting knowing how to become eligible for the $25 code. I have a Vita and like it, but I also would not complain about having a free $25 psn code.

I didn't fill out a complaint slip (never knew about it), so I highly doubt theres any chance of me getting a $25 voucher.

feraldrgn1180d ago

I think you had to have bought a Vita at or near launch to be eligible.
Even if you did, if you missed the complaint slip then it's too late, it's been settled now.

FlintGREY1180d ago

If you were eligible, sony would have contacted you via email

Skate-AK1181d ago

Don't think I will get one. I waited until the white Vita came out. It just looked so nice.

IamTylerDurden11180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

I would never cash in and take the money, i wasn't sold a bill of goods with Vita, i was simply sold a box goods.

This settlement is utter bs, for the ppl taking the cash what did you feel that Sony did wrong? I don't understand.

The Vita has more ram than PS3 and the specs are actually quite powerful. Golden Abyss was a launch game that looked better than PS3 launch games. Mercenary is stunning and looks better than some current PS3 shooters.

1nsomniac1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

Wow, really?

If your serious, I'm lost for words at the level society has reached. No wonder were in the state were in.

1180d ago
porkChop1180d ago

What did Sony do wrong? Let me explain from my own point of view.

Sony promised a home console/AAA machine in your pocket. That is not what we got. It has a ton of great indies, but hardly any AAA. From the beginning, Sony went in half-assed. All their first party games, while (mostly) good, were created by B teams.

Uncharted could have been made by Naughty Dog, but Sony gave it to Sony Bend instead.

Guerrilla could have made Killzone, but Sony gave it to SCE Cambridge instead and changed their name to Guerrilla Cambridge.

Resistance could have been made by Insomniac, but Sony gave it to Nihilistic instead.

Starting to see the picture? Even though many of Sony's Vita games were good/enjoyable, that doesn't change the fact that from the beginning Sony never went in with their top talent like they should have. They never gave the system a real chance to shine.

That, plus the high price of the system, plus the absurd memory card prices with no built-in memory, all held the Vita down like handcuffs right from the start.

Sony handled many things wrong with the Vita. It's a good system, but it needed a better parent. Sony did everything right with the PS4, from the marketing, to the price, to the games, etc. Had they done that with the Vita, it likely would have been a success and more people would be satisfied with the system.

As it stands now, the Vita is a great handheld with a library almost entirely made up of indie games that I can also play on my phone, tablet, 3DS, PC, or my PS4. I have no real reason to have it.

IamTylerDurden11180d ago

@ 1insomniac

Yes, i'm entirely serious my friend, are you? If YOU'RE serious then no wonder we're in the state we're in. More lawsuits, more entitlement right.

@ porkchop

You are just reiterating redundant rhetoric my friend, the facts paint an entirely different picture. Sony did not half azz the Vita early on as you claim, Sony did deliver a multitude of AAA Vita/PS exclusives early and even later on.

AAA Vita Exclusives early on:

Uncharted Golden Abyss - AAA Exclusive
LittleBigPlanet Vita- AAA Exclusive
AC3 Liberation - AAA 3rd party Exclusive
Gravity Rush - AAA-ish Exclusive
MLB The Show - yearly AAA PS Exclusive
Unit 13 - AAA-ish Exclusive
Resistance Burning Skies - AAA Exclusive, i loved it.
Soul Sacrifice - AAA Exclusive
Toukidan - AAA Exclusive

AAA Exclusives that came a bit later

Tearaway - AAA Exclusive
Killzone Mercenary - AAA Exclusive
Soul Sacrifice Delta - AAA Exclusive
Toukidan Kiwami - AAA PS Exclusive
Freedom Wars - AAA Exclusive
Oreshika - AAA-ish Exclusive

This is off the top of my head btw.

You do realize that typically the top 1st party studios don't make handheld games right? Even the amazing God of War PSP games weren't made by GoW developer SSM. Having said that, many Vita games were made by top 1st party Studios like Sony Bend, Japan Studios, San Diego Studios, Guerrilla Cambridge, & Media Molecule. Mm created Tearaway themselves, Japan Studios created Gravity Rush, Soul Sac, & Freedom Wars. Sony Bend is no slouch they are developing a AAA PS4 exclusive atm.

The Vita is loaded w/great games i haven't even mentioned like:

Persona 4 Golden
Virtua Tennis 4, NFS Most Wanted, Modnation
Guacamelee, Borderlands 2, Injustice Ultimate, MK
OlliOlli 1 & 2
Hotline Miami 1 & 2
Axiom Verge - on the way
Deadnation, Resogun
Sly TiT, Sly Collection, God of War Collection, Ratchet Collection
Shovel Knight, Rayman Origins & Legends
FF X/X2, Steins Gate, Virtues Last Reward

Can you really play Golden Abyss, Persona 4 Golden, Tearaway, KZ Mercenary ect on your phone and 3ds?

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hiawa231181d ago

Got mine which I applied to The Nathan Drake Collection

magiciandude1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

Nothing in my inbox so far.

EDIT: NVM I was opening wrong email account. I have like too many email accounts. Now I am going to buy Everyone's Gone to the Rapture with it.

Jalva1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

Is it okay to admit the Vita was a failure yet?

Rimeskeem1181d ago

Could you bring positivity into the comments section for once?

Jalva1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )


nidhogg1181d ago

Why the hate? Can't you just be happy in you fanbase and not bash others? We've got more games in the vita than what we could ask for. DOA extreme 3, 2 digimon games, attack on titan by tecmo, senran kagura estival, JRPGS and more etc. Etc.

Death1181d ago

I actually would like some Vita specific games for my Vita. Sony never really supported the Vita which is a shame since it is the best handheld gaming hardware on the market.

inf3cted11181d ago

Well mines been catching dust so yes. And a 25$ voucher isnt enough to make up for it

raymantalk11180d ago

how can the vita be a failure when it is still selling ?

Xbonewone320151180d ago

I say the same thing about titanfall when thousands are still playing.

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