Hideo Kojima Promises to Keep Creating for the Rest of His Life

Celebrating his 52nd birthday, Kojima not only got the present of almost perfect Metal Gear Solid 5 reviews but promised his fans that he would keep creating for the rest of his life.

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LackTrue4K1208d ago

some "ZONE OF ENDERS" please!

showtimefolks1207d ago

I hope he signs with Sony, not because I want his game exclusive but because Sony gives their developers a lot more freedom than most big publishers

also since he always had a nice relationship with Sony for a while now

sign him Sony
let him keep the ip Sony
sign like a 3 game deal

1207d ago
showtimefolks1207d ago


brother while kickstarter is a nice option do you really think it can raise 30 million plus for his games? look at shenmue 3, yes it got a lot of funds but it's no where near 20 plus million

also why do you guys keep saying he needs to start his own company, he already has his own company . KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS

also you look at many ex developers who left Sega and Capcom , while they all form their own companies yet they still signed with a huge company like EA, BETHESDA ETC,

and what I said had a bigger chance of happening, kojima has always like working on playstation consoles and he and Sony have very nice relationship

what's a guarantee that if he stays independent he won't make exclusives. look at platinum games, they are independent yet sign exclusive deals to make exclusive games

it's a business at the end of the day and I believe who ever gives kojima a big budget a lot of freedom will get him

AngelicIceDiamond1207d ago

@Showtime what you said is true. But MS also has shown to let devs have creative freedom also. Hideki Kamiya's dream project Scalebound. Keiji Inafune's brand new Ip Recore. And Ted Prices SOD and MS let them keep the Ip.

So either the two would be a good fit. But that's not my point. My point is his next game needs to be multiplat which I highly think will happen. Hes shown no real favoritism from each platform he likes both very much he even said it himselff. So his independent game imo needs to go multiplat so everyone can enjoy his next game.

phallusitator1207d ago

@ Crotaaa

If he created his own studio he'd be making indies and half the 'gamers' on this site wouldn't play them. Even if they were awesome games.

showtimefolks1207d ago


rue under Phil spencer ms has really turned into a developer friendly brand so I could see that too. my point originally wasn't that he will sign with Sony, all I was trying to say was he could sign with Son because of their long history together

mgs brand became famous on playstation brand and many consider mgs and ff7 to be some of the best gaming experiences of all time


he already has his own studio. Kojima productions. so he basically needs a publisher or kickstarter to get moving. a true talent like kojima will not be left 5o kickstarter, I see him signing with a publisher

Sega and before you say this or that looks at how much Sega is worth. they can definitely afford him

Bethesda since they want to grow and they already got a famous developer who did evil within

EA for as much as we dislike them they are one of the biggest publishers and under Andrew Wilson might be more open to 2nd party developers working under EA

activision but who knows I don't consider them a favorite

Sony and Ms


Imalwaysright1207d ago

After what happened at Konami, I have no doubt that he doesn't want to be tied down by any publisher.

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Summons751208d ago

Glad to hear it, he could have easily retired after this but he loves his craft and it clearly shows with all the positive reception to MGSV despite Konami screwing him twice over

Kalebninja1208d ago

Hope he gets picked up by a company with a big budget, so he can can make his games the best they can be.

ScorpiusX1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

Best thing for him is to start his own studio an remain independent, so he can keep his IPs . No need to go thru that mess all over again .

Baka-akaB1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

We've seen before studios negotiate big deals (with the devil basically) that still retain them ownership of their ips .

He's popular and skilled enough to achieve that

CyanocittaCristata1208d ago

Even think what he could do with a kickstarter project, I mean his opportunities are pretty much endless no matter what path he takes

Gohadouken1208d ago

True .. but will he be comfortable with some potentially entitled backers and their perceptions that since it's involve their money , they ought to "be consulted and agreed with on anything" ?

The feeling doesnt always exist for bad reasons , mind you ... but still ...

ScorpiusX1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

@Baka-akaB are you referring to EA or Microsoft who happen to be the only ones to agree to such deals . EA thru the EA partnership and MS thru funding publishing. As I recall those are the only devils with such way of thinking . unlike halo, Bungie was bought in 98-99 for 50 million meaning MS owned themthe departing deal if I recall was the handing over of the IP for their right to walk . in no way is that like I fund it but keep IP for my self like some do .

Baka-akaB1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

Activision as well actually . Bungie still owns Destiny unlike Halo , and only agreed to a publishing deal over a period .

And Bethesda/Zenimax did the same with Evil Within unless i'm wrong .

It's a relatively uncommon and recent trend , wich i'm sure someone like Kojim could push for .

Gives him enough freedom , while securing proper funding .

Azzanation1208d ago

Kojima couldn't afford himself, whos going to fund his games?

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Kalebninja1208d ago

So just make his own company, go on kickstarter and end up making a budget game like mighty number 9? No thank you.

ScorpiusX1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

that or work for someone who will claim ownership of his IP and leave him with nothing . yeah I prefer that mess over him losing his created IPs.

_-EDMIX-_1208d ago

?? Because you played Mighty no9? Because Mega Man was a AAA game right bud?

I don't think you know what your talking about.

Also they don't need to fully fund off of Kickstarter, Star Citizen didn't.....

Kalebninja1208d ago

@_-EDMIX Its a simple platformer clone of megaman there isnt some huge deal more to it than what we've seen. The point of my comment was that mighty no9 required all that money to make a simple platformer, kickstarter can only get you so far. With the big budget games kojima was able to make while with konami he wouldn't be able to get anywhere near that by kickstarter.

_-EDMIX-_1207d ago

Simple? Sooooo you just have no clue how much games cost huh? Simple in concept doesn't mean simple in creation. I'm not sure why you assumed its cost based on its design.

Mind've yet to play.

"With the big budget games kojima was able to make while with konami he wouldn't be able to get anywhere near that by kickstarter"

??? I see you don't even fully read either.

" they don't need to fully fund off of Kickstarter, Star Citizen didn't"

Please...dear god, go read what Kickstarter is.

Here is a hint, look up what a kick start is.

and "34,397 backers pledged $2,134,374"...that was at the END OF THE CAMPAIGN! At the END!

Understand what that actually means bud.

Sooooooooo only 2 million of that 77 million came from Kickstarter.

Once again...nice and slowly....they don't need to fully fund off of kickstarter, most don't. He can seek donations after its complete as many actually do.

Kalebninja1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

You really going to act like a dick? It's my own perspective so leave me to it. Don't need someone to act all high and mighty and speak to me as if i'm an idiot.

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PhoenixUp1208d ago

Now Kojima can finally live his dream and build a legacy beyond Metal Gear.

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