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Daniel Weissenberger - "The process of putting together Rare Replay must have had its developers pulling out their hair. What could be more torturous than being asked to put out the definitive retrospective of a company's output without being given access to the majority of its best work? Still, the developers have gone the extra mile to make even the most primitive games on display as playable as they could, and for a budget-priced game it offers a truly shocking amount of content. There was never any question that I was going to obtain and enjoy Rare Replay, but there's enough great content here to ensure that even those players who didn't grow up with these games will find a lot to love."

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SuicideKing1205d ago

I absolutely love this game. I would recommend picking this up even if you are not interested in old games. Play through the snapshots then you will unlock really interesting Making of, behind the scenes, videos of a lot of their most popular games.