Double Take: The NX Will Not Lack Physical Games

With rumors of the Nintendo NX not having any sort of physical media, Shawn from Nintendo Enthusiast shows why he thinks it will.

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deathtok1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

I agree with the author. This wouldn't be a good move for Nintendo. I purchase retail all of the time and have little interest in digital.

rdgneoz31207d ago

Yep, and many remember the fun backlash MS got when it was thought they were going to release a disc-less sku. Also, in some countries (or with some ISPs) you don't have unlimited bandwidth so a full digital future will kill sales for many.

Though for Nintendo, one of the perks of the systems have been backwards compatibility (WiiU can play Wii, Wii can play GC). Curious how they'll work any WiiU BC into their plans, as many are expecting it to be abandoned for the NX (when it launches) with it being announced so soon.

MSBAUSTX1207d ago

Disc less is different than zero physical media. MS was wanting to go digital and it was a terrible idea.

_-EDMIX-_1207d ago

Agreed. I think its based on many are still seeing NX as a console like how PS4 and XONE are.

I feel many are not factoring that it could be a handheld that outs to a TV.

Picnic1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

That's because there is a retail option. If there was no retail option then it would come down to the same choice facing any console decision - do I want this console / this games line up? The media that the games come by cannot be a serious defining factor unless you have no internet, have a phobia of buying extra memory and/or installing and deleting games or you get by selling second hand games.

There would always be a retail option - it's just that it would be a download code that you buy rather than a physical disc and the download code can still be packaged in a very attractive box set kind of way if required.

If you say 'not for me' then you're really saying 'My priority isn't really to play new Nintendo games or have a new Nintendo console all that much'.

jonivtec1207d ago

Why not sell game on sd card??? It can take more than a blu ray disk and its cheap to.Disk drive are obselete and are expensive.A good sd card reader on the console and everybody are good to go.I do think its a good idea but most peoble want innovation without compromise on their old habit.Windows 8 is an exemple.

Baka-akaB1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

It's not cheaper than a disc . Retail single unit prices for sd carts arent a good indicator granted , but unless mistaken i really doubt it cost as low as dvd and blurays .

Especially if they wanna store more than 10gb of data ...

Tech does evolve , but from what i remember .. besides the production cost of the flash, you would also have to handle and program each one, an operation taking longer than burning discs . It would not be cost effective against the few cents and instant programming-by-stamping out for the optical disc media.

MSBAUSTX1207d ago

He didnt say it is cheaper than disc. He merely said that SD isnt expensive. Something can be cheap and still have something cheaper.

CrowbaitBob1206d ago

Nintendo has a long running track record of caring more about being different than cutting costs. I have no idea what to expect from each console as they come out. For all we know NX games could ship inside amiibo style statues.

Madock1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

If Nintendo is unifying their handheld and console in one, then the options for their game sales r as follows:
1. u buy a Bluray game for the console, then that triggers a download of the same game on the handheld, will be stored on ur handheld SD card (unlikely)
2. They will have to package the Bluray game for ur console and the game cart for ur handheld in the same package (silly-unlikely)
3.There r no Blurays or carts for neither, all downloads (unlikely)
4.Buy them seperatly (unlikely, beat the whole idea of having a hybrid sorta console)
5.Buy the cart for the handheld and that downloads the difference in game files on ur console HDD (likely)
6.Buy the cart that has the entire game and work on both, handheld and console (very likely) ..unforeseen advantage is having the same save

_-EDMIX-_1207d ago

All sorts of no's.

They are not that tech savy, that is very unlikely.

Its a handheld that outs to a tv. They are merely going to make a bigger R4 card or what ever they are using with 3DS.

deathtok1207d ago

It's not cheaper but it is a viable option. The faster read speeds are also a bonus!

wonderfulmonkeyman1206d ago

Yeah. If they have to pick something new, then SD cards would be the way to go.
Of course, if they wanted to, they COULD go back to cartridges, if they massively improved how much data each cart could store.

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FoxyGotGame1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

Nintendo 1st party games are always of high quality, but it really won't matter what NX turns out to be, nor whether it goes disc less if Nintendo don't get the major 3rd parties involved. However, Nintendo could be going for SD Cards as a primary storage so that games can be played on the go on another as of yet unknown device....interesting times /

dcbronco1207d ago

Lack of a disc on NX doesn't mean they won't have disc. It may have the ability to load games loaded into a Wii or Wii U. Rumors sometimes mention systems. Nintendo has always been good about BC. Maybe they're building a Voltron system. Several that fit together and with previous generations to augment power and flexibility.

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