Fee 2 Pay

Jim Sterling:

With the imminent launch of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, a fresh outrage has spawned over its inclusion of microtransactions. I love outrages about microtransactions, so much so that I coined the phrase “Fee To Pay” years ago.

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flyingwombat331208d ago

Lol, nice episode Jim. I agree, I'm super amped for MGS5, but microtransactions are ALWAYS bad. Even if they don't consciously impact the experience, usually they stand in place of another design element that would have been superior.

Palitera1208d ago

In a perfect design, every element is supposed to be integrated with every other. This is the main reason why microtransactions are ALWAYS bad.

If they implement microtransactions, it means that they held the player progression or power so he considers buying MTs.

MTs are not simply implemented after everything is done and perfect in a game. It is a core design choice.

-Ikon-1208d ago

I like jim but hes getting all silly over OPTIONAL micro transactions.. all this does is speed things up nothing is locked behind micros

Krew_921208d ago

He pretty much debunks that way of thinking in this video alone.

You should probably try watching it.

-Ikon-1208d ago

i did watch it he even jumped the gun and went off of GS FALSE info!!!!

He overracted and even watching the video its obvious.. not all micros are poison to the industry..

if a rich bastard wants to speed things up as long as its not a big advantage i dont have a problem

Palitera1208d ago

Yes, it is a poison. This design choice and this rich guy's money is making other companies go the same route and make worse games, in which progression is dictated by (among other things, of course) how much money you will spend there. Wanna play it for "free" (60 USD), good luck against the progression wall.

flyingwombat331208d ago

@ ikon He specifically referenced the fact that Konami said you didn't need to buy them. The whole episode is about why were shouldn't say 'its ok this time' just because it's Metal Gear. I'm sure the game will be incredible in spite of these micros, but make no mistake: it will be IN SPITE of them. They are, by definition, innately flawed.

MoveTheGlow1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

Yeah, he's saying that the game - in some of its features - is designed in such a way that the player has to wait unless they pay more. It's the multiplayer, so I really don't care at all, but that's exactly the problem. A game should be designed in such a way that players get interested and participate in things they're not used to. I should uniquely want to enjoy this multiplayer due to how it's designed. The "optional" microtransactions affect how the whole thing works for everyone. This ain't TF2 hats.

And if that multiplayer is designed around microtransactions, it can chuff right off. It's a whole section of the game I'll ignore, and I'm not the only one. If I had more money to throw around, sure, I'd see what it's about - it immediately separates those who do have to save, and those who don't.

flyingwombat331208d ago

Dude, there are micros in single-player as well.

STK0261208d ago

Most freemium games also offer optional microtransactions. They usually give you the option to pay for some tokens or whatever the in-game currency is, or to wait a long time/grind it forever, depending on the type of game it is. Technically, no freemium game forces you to shell out some cash, but they make it so frustrating to play without paying that at the end of the day, some people will pay, others will move on to another game. It sucks when it happens, but at least you didn't have to pay a dime to try it out.

For a full priced game to do the same is not something I believe we should encourage. It's a shitty practice that will only get worse over time.

In MGS5, they are used to speed up things, which by itself isn't a bad thing. Unless they decide that in order to make speeding up things more interesting, they make sure it takes forever to do it without it. I have yet to play the game and see how they've done it, so I won't say that they've ruined the game or anything like that. What I will say is that it is a slippery slope, and that micro transactions are often used not only to help those who pay, but also used to make the experience worse for those who don't pay.

Palitera1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

The simple fact that the microtransactions exist there if proof enough that the progression is slower than the ideal point.
The decision of putting microtransactions is not isolated, nor is its design.


edit: Finished watching the video. This point on Jim's words: "Konami is selling its money and it's going to want you to buy the money". This is spoken in the game through game design.

carlingtat1208d ago

How can you possibly defend microtransactions!? optional or not they are a poison in the industry. I'd rather pay £5-10 extra for games than have microtransations in a £40 game

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TheLoCoRaven1208d ago

I understand $60 games putting out future DLC/expansions reusing the same assets because video games are more expensive to make and are the cheapest they've been given inflation, but I agree a $60 game should not have microtransaction/unlock type crap.