Nintendo NX’s Lack of Optical Drive: A Layman’s Recap

TTZ: Nintendo NX will not feature an optical drive according to a recent patent filing. What does that mean for Nintendo's future? Could it suffer the same fate as the PSP Go (even if its not a handheld)?

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TeeKay1205d ago

I was shocked at the lack of optical drive. at least have cartridges or something...not sure what Nintendo will benefit from will be a limited market niche product..and the wierd thing is the Wii U was also a niche product, although unintended.

mikel10151204d ago

Wait to see what it is instead of assuming the worst

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gamer78041204d ago

if its cartridge/micro sd i'm fine with that, having no media at all and DLC console only would be a mistake.

3-4-51204d ago

They may have developed a new type or cartridge that is better than current discs and also then prevents piracy as well. Something with multiple purposes.

Maltaze1204d ago

Joke of a product from a company that is fast becoming a joke. Match made in heaven.

marloc_x1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Remember CDs and all those guys that swore by their Diskmans when the first MP3 players came out?

ShaunCameron1204d ago

Speaking of CD's, whatever happened to the discman?

Stringerbell1204d ago

Really hoping there is room for physical media with this system. If not count me out. I really hope I'm wrong but knowing how controlling and out of touch this company can be...

conanlifts1204d ago

I had a theory that might just be a dream. What if they released SD type cards like the 3ds. Then taking into account that Nintendo might be merging home consoles and mobile gaming what if every game released is cross play. They stated they wanted a universal, easier to implement development system. What if you bought the "NX home"and every game worked as a graphically reduced version on the portable NX console. Would it not tempt you to buy the portable console as well, after all you now have the games on your NX home console. Plus it could work the other way too. Hence SD card/ 3ds type media instead of optical drives so they can plug into both console versions. Obviously it's just a theory/ dream.

conanlifts1204d ago

My opinion is that people are automatically jumping to a conclusion that might be incorrect. The NX is potentially a hybrid console compatible with their new NX handhelds. Think of it logically, a handheld like the 3ds does not have an optical drive. So to be compatible they might be going for a cartridge or SD card similar to the 3DS. If this is the case no optical drive is needed. SD cards also have greater storage capacities than optical media. So let's not jump to conclusions and assume the NX is trying to go all digital, it's not likely and this patent might be a good thing. It will also keep costs lower and could also mean SD cards instead of a hard drive, who knows. But both of these would allow a more powerful console at a lower price point.

REDDURT1204d ago

I haven't seen a sd card that is a better value than a empty bluray

conanlifts1204d ago

But why would people assume any Nintendo system would include a blu Ray when the Wii U doesn't even play DVDs. I'm not saying it's better value, I'm saying adding an SD type slot makes the initial console cheaper to buy. Adding a blu Ray drive would increase the costs to consumers, so not including one makes the console cheaper for consumers. It's all assumption anyway as we only have this patent and rumours to go by.

Agent_00_Revan1204d ago

Someone had to be the first to try this. People have been taking about a completely digital console for years. Nintendo's completely crazy enough to try it.

I wont support it though. I like owning my physical copies.

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