SFV Online Stress Test Dates for the Americas

After successful SFV online stress tests in both Europe and Asia, we are happy to announce that the North and South America stress tests will be taking place.

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Player1241211d ago

I really want to try this game out but every time they do a stress test I am busy and away from my PS4. This is getting ridiculous haha.

Majin-vegeta1211d ago

I love when they do these.I'm usually home by that time.

d3nworth11211d ago

If they want to do a proper stress test they should do it on the weekend when more people are likely to be playing.

Rookie_Monster1211d ago

I'll just wait for the beta relaunch as the timing is just bad for this stress test. Hope it succeed though.

Jmanzare1211d ago

Well they chose the timing purposely so they wanted to do the stress test on a day where it is not so populated. The last stress test was maybe a little bit too much stress lol.