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A New Dawn For Interactive Storytelling

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moegooner881126d ago

Knowing myself I will end up killing the other 7 on my first playthru :)

littlezizu1126d ago

My aim to kill all the guys in 1st playthrough. The deserves all the postive reviews it gets as it's awesome(2hours in).

nix1126d ago

If there's any irritating characters, imma gonna make sure they dead

Chaosdreams1126d ago

Option 1: Stay with the group, pick up the gun.

Option 2: Stray away from the group, go to the fridge to grab a bite to eat.

"Well that's easy, Option 2!"


Option 1: Stab the killer for good measure when he's down.

Option 2: Drop weapon in front of the killer, ask if he's dead.

"Option 2, always baby."

Game Ending - Time Played: 17 minutes.

robtion1125d ago

Ha, ha.

Killer is in the house.

Option 1: Run out the front door to car, drive away.

Option 2: Run upstairs and hide under the bed.

Option 2 FTW!

ninsigma1126d ago

If any of them annoy me I will be trying my hardest to kill them xD

Letthewookiewin1126d ago

Knowing myself I will panic and no one will live lol.

Germany71125d ago

At least save the hot chicks...

robtion1125d ago

Now here is a man with his priorities straight ;)

Jalva1125d ago

Well if they're dead then they won't be able to resist...

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robtion1125d ago

It actually is. Tells you everything you need to know about the game, is comprehensive, but doesn't spoil anything. Wish more reviews were of this quality.

TomatoDragon1126d ago

Sleeper hit this year. Great stuff.

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The story is too old to be commented.