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Joe Donnelly - "But visuals are not enough to pull the game from the depths of despair it so eagerly hopes to convey to the player. Despite the butterfly effect's premise, a ham-fisted story means you won't care about who might live and who might die. It's not enough to save the game from disappointment, and in the end, Until Dawn is its own self-inflicted nightmare."

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DeadlyOreo1120d ago

And there it is ladies and gentleman. Finally we have that one review that strives to be different.

PSIN4MANT1120d ago

I guess you missed Polygon's review.

DeadlyOreo1120d ago

6.5 isn't really that bad though. A 4 is a different story.

RpgSama1120d ago (Edited 1120d ago )

Besides Polygon, a 6.5 from Polygon for a Ps exclusive is like an 11/10 from another site.

GribbleGrunger1120d ago

The Polygon Review was bizarre. He liked it, was looking forward to playing it again and would recommend it to friends: 6.5/10 ...

Septic1120d ago

^^ So the content is fine yet everyone here completely ignored that and had a fit against the review score?

kayoss1120d ago (Edited 1120d ago )

What is it that you don't get. Polygons review doesn't match his score, "ill recommend the game to my friends and can't wait to play it again, here's a 6.5" . he claim that he had problems but all his problems were his fault, poor choices and not quick enough to react to a certain action and as a result, died. He also mentioned that he understood that game suppose to be a b rate horror movie with cliches but yet he still seem surprised that the story was so full of cliche. His whole review was contradicting .

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Travis37081120d ago

Now we all know this is BS
You have to really suck or hate these type of games to give it a score like that. Why even bother playing it?

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