NGB | Lost Dimension Review

NGB Wrote: "The core deceit of Lost Dimension really captures the imagination and carries a real weight of consequence to your actions. The decisions that you and your team make in the room of judgement have a massive impact not only on future missions but on the type of outcome you can attain at the end of the game. The fact that everything is random means that no matter how much trust and time you invest into someone, they can still turn on you, providing an even greater emotional impact. The dull combat and shallow social interactions make things a slog at times, but the chance to investigate your teammates and decide who is poised to stab you in the back strangely keeps you going despite its flaws. Lost Dimension remains far from the classic status than its premise perhaps deserves, but the developers have tried, admirably I might add, to make it a unique title in the ever-growing genre"

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