20th Anniversary DualShock 4 and Gold Wireless Headset Already Sold Out

Cripes - it looks like PlayStation 4 owners are eager to get their hands on any and all PlayStation paraphernalia.

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Neonridr1121d ago

the controller is still in stock at if anyone really wants one still.

chrish19901121d ago

Ah, thanks for that, I'll update it :)

SaveFerris1121d ago

Playstation 4 owners love nostalgia.

SmokingMonkey1121d ago

Hell , I pre ordered one at Gstop.

I remember the first time I touched that beautiful Grey controller.

It was in Montgomery Mall in MD, in the corner between the JC Penney and KB Toys, there was a PS1 Demo Kiosk. I remember grasping it and thinking to myself. This is awesome, it all fits.

That Gray!!

Relientk771121d ago

Glad I preordered the controller

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The story is too old to be commented.