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Jim Hargreaves - "With its immersive world, branching narrative, and lifelike character work, Until Dawn will have players on the edge of their seats while pounding them with jump scares and a bone-chilling soundtrack. Having previously worked on ports and smaller titles for Sony, Supermassive Games have shown that they can play with the big boys and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next."

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NeverHeavyMan1212d ago

Of most reviewers, TheSixthAxis is one I generally trust, much like GameInformer and Gametrailers (most of the others I skim through, but for me, these guys are the real deal)! Not that I needed their reassurance, but they ALL loved it!

Bring on midnight!

Rimeskeem1212d ago

Game Informer gave it a 9/10!

This game looks like a whole lot of fun. Can't wait to play it with a friend and have him do half the choices while I don't genotype half. Should be a crazy night!

ABizzel11212d ago

I never trust 1 sole review source.

For me it use to be Game Informer, IGN, Gamespot, Edge. But Gamespot and IGN have become clickbait garbage reviews IMO with very few people who gaming preferences align with mine since most of their newer people review games now.

But after reading reviews of all the games I bought so far, and literally picking out the exact same score for all but 2 (which I was off by 1 point) I might have to add sixaxis into my new 4.

GI, Edge, GameTrailers, SixAxis

TomatoDragon1212d ago

Game is gonna be so much fun.

WelkinCole1212d ago

Honestly I wrote it off as a young adult cheesy slash flick that at best would score between 6.5 to 8.

Surprised really. Was never really talked much about it as well.

AutoCad1212d ago

Because it is ehat you expected..If you listened or saw the ign review it sounded like the game should have been a 6 instead of a 7.5..They said themselves the story was bad.

GearSkiN1212d ago

im very surprise how well this game is doin, im glad i got both console, ill eventually collect this one for sure!