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Until Dawn, the latest PlayStation 4 exclusive, is a step in the wrong direction.

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Dee_911210d ago

wow, and its full of spoilers..

Dlacy13g1210d ago

why is it any reviews these days that aren't meeting someones "expectation" they immediately get labeled "clickbait"?

Dee_911210d ago

Because hate bait clicks.
simple math.

fermcr1210d ago

Fanboys don't like the score, automatically label it click bait.

Rookie_Monster1210d ago


These are the same guys that also gave Bloodborne a 4.5/5 and called it a system seller on their review and not a single comment on N4G pertaining to that review.

Demofgeek Bloodborne review: "All of that is to say that Bloodborne is a unique and masterful experience, and a clear PS4 system seller."

Now, all of a sudden a score don't meet their expectations, tthese sites are now labeled as "bias" or "click bait" until they clear their deeds with a perfect 10/10 on their next review on a game some wants to do well on their system of choice.

This happens all the time here. Smh

Deadlead1210d ago

This game appears to be a love/hate type experience. Regardless I'm intrigued by the branching story and dynamic consequences so I'm probably gonna grab me a copy soon.

MysticStrummer1210d ago

"...a step in the wrong direction..."

For those of us who like variety in our gaming, a title like Until Dawn is a step in the right direction and a breath of fresh air.

Team_Litt1210d ago

That's a bit unfair. So if you like the game it's because you don't like variety?

We all have opinions, we all like what we like for varying reasons and the opposite is true. This guy might very much like variety but just not like this particular game.

To each his own. Liking this game does not make you a complex variety seeking game. Not liking it doesn't make you a pew pew pew loving oaf either.

MysticStrummer1210d ago

"Not liking it doesn't make you a pew pew pew loving oaf"

I didn't imply that it did. Not liking it doesn't make the game a "step in the wrong direction" either. It means you personally didn't like it. My quarrel is with that phrase, not the score.

Team_Litt1210d ago

So you have played the game and your opinion is that it is a step in the right direction, which fine because that's how opinions work.

This guy has also played it and thinks it is a step in the wrong direction.Remember what we said about opinions? It also applies here.

My point is variety has nothing to do with it. You alluded that liking variety in games means you will think this game is a step in the right direction, an assertion that I have quarrel with.

I do not believe that "those of us who like variety in our gaming" will NECESSARILY think it is a step in the right direction.

Am I getting my point across here? tldr: liking variety doesn't automatically mean you will like this game.

OB1Biker1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

I agree. That sentence sums up what I think is wrong with many reviews nowadays. Instead of being open minded and acknowledging people have different tastes and may very well like what the reviewer doesn't, they just present their opinions as if they were irrefutable facts. It's okay not to like a game, it's a very different thing to say it goes in the wrong direction. IMO a broken game goes in the wrong direction not a game that does exactly what it said it was going to do.
I mean I didn't read the review I don't want spoilers, but it seems they give the thumbs down to the principle rather than the actual quality of realisation.

LordMaim1210d ago

Do not read. Awful.


Pintheshadows1210d ago

Very up and down reviews for Until Dawn but I was sold anyhow. Busy month ahead for games.

OB1Biker1210d ago

Actually most reviews are up I believe only odd ones are really down

dragonopt11210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

Even though this is HIS opinion and I have yet to play this game until tonight, it does seem odd he would give it this score and reveal a lot of spoilers in his review. All the other reviews have all been 7+ and say your different choices open up new elements to the story. Seems like he either rushed to the end or doesn't enjoy these types of games.

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