Best prices for Mad Max on every format

Dealspwn: Seen the latest TV and Story trailers? Like what you see? Then you'll want to get your preorder deal down as the game is little over a week away now. We've dug out the best deals for PS4, Xbox One and PC gamers.

Mad Max has been storming down the dusty development highway for years, but it's less than a month away now and we'll finally get to see what the Road Warrior is made of. There'll be a mix of vehicular combat, car customisation, RPG upgrades and hand-to-hand scraps to keep things interesting in the wastelands.

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JamesBroski1205d ago

I can't believe all the deals this game is getting without even being released

robtion1205d ago

Yep. Mad Max is $69 in Australia from Big W. For comparison MGSV is $85, Until Dawn is $75. RRP for all these games is ~$100.

Stringerbell1205d ago

Going PC for this. Why? its only a matter of time before the community creates a face mod that either puts in Mel or Hardy.

Adexus1205d ago

Never thought of that actually!

The in-game Max looks similar already though so I don't mind, plus you can grow out his beard which I assume with a face mod you probably won't be able to.

Repjaws1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

This was the best price I could find(PC version). available on August 31 I believe.

Edit: Nvm the author already posted that link.

TheLoCoRaven1205d ago

Anyone know any US PS4 deals? So far I plan on getting it at GameStop just to get the stupid matchbox car thing with a preorder.

TeamLeaptrade1205d ago

It's pretty cool that there are already deals out for this game. This is a for sure buy for me.

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