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COG writes: Until Dawn features all those classic elements you’d expect from your favourite horror movie. It is a masterful fusion of art forms. Until Dawn is a refreshingly self-aware experience that no thriller fan should pass up.

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chrisx1212d ago

Its been gathering overwhelming positive reviews. Waiting for Polygon'$ review

Dario_DC1212d ago

Yeah saw a bit of a live stream and it looks like fun, specially if you play with other people around you and mess around with the choices.
BTW Polygon gave it a 6.5... What else is new lol

Drekken1211d ago

Polygon is the only real low score. 6.5... Go figure.

SniperControl1211d ago

Polygon's bank account must be a little fatter this morning.......

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Butters3601211d ago

Funny how Polygon gives Gears of War a great score but then turns around and gives Until Dawn the lowest score of all major sites. That Microsoft investment money seems to be doing the trick. It really makes them look horrible.

OT, I'm stoked for Until Dawn and it's nice to see Sony with the sleeper hit on a new IP.

SolidGear31211d ago

That surprises you? Lol
Isn't Polygon funded by Microsoft?

fermcr1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

It's funny that you notice Polygon underscoring PS exclusives but don't notice a bunch of other sites over-scoring PS exclusives.

Hypocrite much!

... so I guess Sony is paying a bunch of other sites to over-score their games.

Butters3601211d ago

Nope, at this point everyone knows Polygon hates games in general. Yes, they did receive a shit ton of money from Microsoft.

MRBIGCAT1212d ago

Looks amazing, can't wait to play this. Love a good old fashion thriller.

zsquaresoff1212d ago

Im genuinely and plesently surprised by the reviews of this game.

GrapesOfRaf1212d ago

Looks kind of like Heavy Rain: Horror Edition. Except probably done a little better this time around.

Ristul1212d ago

Great job Supermassive Games! :)

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The story is too old to be commented.