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OnlySP: I love being surprised by games like Until Dawn. I, like many others, look at games like Until Dawn, Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and the like with some disdain, thinking they’re a bit too cinematic and won’t be all that fun to actually play. However, as with Heavy Rain, I made that “mistake” going in not expecting much, and coming out having played one of my favorite games of this year.

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moegooner881211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

Sounds great. Can't wait for Wednesday.

PockyKing1211d ago

Definitely one of my favorite games this year. Really fun to play with a friend sitting alongside you as well.

Genuine-User1211d ago

The next two weeks will kill my wallet.

PockyKing1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

The next 3 months is going to give me carpel-tunnel. Literally. There's a big new game coming out like every week until the second week of December...

Meltic1211d ago

cant wait to tonight !!

Revolver_X_1211d ago

Thank God for Madden! My Gamestop is letting Until Dawn release at Midnight since their doing it for Madden.

remixx1161211d ago

Who was it that said until dawn is rumored to be a flop?? I wanna punch him.....I think it was strayant, gotta dig through my recent comments.

SolidGear31211d ago

You got it right, lol .. I got strung up by him because I enjoyed The Order :3

1211d ago
Ristul1211d ago

I feel bad for my wallet now Ô_o

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