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At its best, Until Dawn is a gleefully cheesy homage to horror movies, set in a world built by a developer that clearly adores the genre. Although its thrills are tempered by a lack of story cohesion, its robust choice-and-consequence system and keen eye on horror’s most ridiculous tropes makes Until Dawn ultimately worth playing.

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BigBosss1212d ago

Game looks great! Still picking it up tomorrow.

sactownlawyer9161212d ago

I agree. Games like this are why ps4 is selling so well. Will every one like it? Probably not. But I am glad sony allows games like these to be made.

DeadlyOreo1212d ago

Yeah, having a variety like this beats have constant generic shooters all the time.

1212d ago
TheHaloGuy1212d ago

It's not selling cause of random ass games like this. -_-

Insomnia_841212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )


helloooo you think this is the first PlayStation console? Everyone and their grandmother knows SONY has a great variety of genres in their library.



Ok....Halo guy.

lol bots are salty today.

NewMonday1212d ago

better than expected honestly

marketing was working hard on communicating what type of game this is and it worked.

thought it would average 6 on meta, but seams it will level at 7.5 and that's a pretty good score for a narrative game releasing in retail at full price.

so far meta scores:

Positive: 26
Mixed: 7
Negative: only 1

NewMonday1212d ago

score average actually getting higher, practically 8 right now after 40 reviews,11 of them 9 and over.

Positive: 31
Mixed: 8
Negative: 1

nix1212d ago

Just bcoz it's not pew pew pew game doesn't mean it's not a game. Variety is what sets PS consoles apart.

I'm happy that this game is getting good reviews. The people who are going to buy already knows what type of a game this is - a b grade teenage murder mystery game. There was a time when movies like that used to be a hit... And I'm assuming it'll be a hit amongst few players.

For some games, you don't need a review.

WelkinCole1212d ago

@rulpa and Haloguy

You guys still don't get it. The popularity and the strength of the PS brand has always been about the diversity you find on it.

It's about catering to many more types of gamers that will contribute and push the PS past all others.

It's why xbox that is western centric will never be truly global like PS.

rigo85821212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

The PS4 is selling well because it was $100 and the hardware is a little more powerful. Sony paid for this title, they didn't allow it. But variety is nice.

_-EDMIX-_1212d ago

Also slightly OT, but anyone who wants Until Dawn tonight can pick it up at midnight at Gamestop, Best Buy and I guess supporting Wal Marts apparently

That and Gears and Madden 16 can be picked up as well.

Just thought many might want to know, I just called and found out recently.

bouzebbal1212d ago

Variety is what will always make PS ahead of the competition. PS4 and Wii U are the best console combo this gen.
Getting Until Dawn this weekend. Was getting it no matter the reviews cause i liked it after i played it at last year's gamescom, and i guess they improved it since.

XanderZane1211d ago

I think games like Bloodborne, Uncharted 4, MGSV and Horizon are the reasons PS4 is selling so well. Also the lower price and hype at launch didn't hurt it either. Plus we know there will be a lot of great games in the future. Until Dawn looks like it will be a decent horror cinematic game.

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RpgSama1212d ago


"tell me how many games like this are on ps4 and how may of those games have sold 1 million. helloooooo! ps4 selling well for other reasons no for those type pf games."

Ps4 is selling amazingly well because of the large variety of games in every genre, maybe this games individually do not sell by the millions, but it get's people frome every spectrum and every demographic interested in the Ps4.

This is the true strenght of the Playstation brand, a lot, for every type of gamer.

callahan091212d ago

Sweet! I've been on a huge horror movie kick lately, haven't played a game in while... this seems like the perfect choice to transition back into playing games instead of watching movies for a little while.

psychobabble1212d ago

Too bad I have to wait until dawn tomorrow to pick up my preorder!

kaizokuspy1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

IGN gave it a 7.5 probably because it had too much water

Jaqen_Hghar1212d ago

A man is going to the midnight launch tonight!

REDDURT1212d ago

Ign is known to be payola so please don't let them foil a good game

StrawberryDiesel4201212d ago

This score was expected. Just like The Order: 1886, this will likely be scored higher by those who were really interested from the get go and didn't have unrealistic expectations. Take it for what it is. Personally it doesn't really peak my interest, especially with MGS5 next week.

Baba19061212d ago

im really gonna enjoy this. i Love horror movies so this will be perfect =D

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-Foxtrot1212d ago

Unfocused story? Well I'll remember to see that in your Call of Duty reviews or even the Battlefield ones. ¬¬

Two-Face1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Cod and Battlefield do not need a good story. Those are primarly multiplayer games with long lenght value.

-Foxtrot1212d ago

So because it has multiplayer it gives the reviews the right to ignore those faults


When you review a game you review the entire thing. If they have a single player mode when they ignore the faults within that potion of the game then you are not reviewing it correctly.

InMyOpinion1212d ago

COD especially doesn't need much of anything at all to get high scores. "New cover art! 10/10!"...

monkeyDzoro1212d ago

Listen kiddo. When you buy a game, you buy ALL THE CONTENT = SP + MP.
And reviews are no exceptions. Review of SP + MP. If the SP is TRASH, then it's TRASH and it should reflect in the final score. The usual excuse "xxx game is more about the MP or SP" isn't valid. You review the WHOLE content. Not what you're interested in.

This said I don't care about reviews if I'm interested in a game. If I am, I buy it and I judge it by myself. My guts never failed me.

The 10th Rider1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Believe me, I lament their constant high scores without many changes and often-pathetic, cliche stories as much as anyone...But Battlefield 4 DID get marked down for having a mediocre single player...Which is the story mode. Battlefield 3's campaign was noted to be frustrating and trite. And parts of COD Advanced Warfare's story were picked apart and it was docked for exposition dialogue.

On top of that, Two-Face is right that the those games are about the multiplayer, while the single player should still affect the score, it shouldn't affect it in the same way a game that is almost solely focused on the story does.

SpringHeeledJack1212d ago

Expect more double standards like this against ps4 exclusives. It's disgusting and immature by a so called professional gaming site.

DialgaMarine1212d ago

Funny that you say that, seeing as so few reviewers cut Starhawk any slack for it's under par SP element, despite Dylan Job, himself, saying that the game was MP centric, and the SP was never meant to go anywhere.

snoopgg1212d ago

Cod had really good stories back in the day. Hello, the people who like single player, need good stories. Without a good story, single player seems so meaningless.I have to disagree with you on that one.

Lamboomington1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )


When you review Battlefield or COD, you focus more on the MP. Therefore SP constitutes less of the score as a result. It's just common sense.
Don't know what's so hard to understand. In a game where 95% of the gameplay hours and the focus is in MP, you want the SP to constitute an equal amount of the score ?

In that case, primarily Singleplayer games with tacked on multiplayer should be reviewed with equal importance given to multiplaye, right ? Ofcourse, that's never done because that would be retarded. If a game has a wonderful Singleplayer, a tacked on Multiplayer hardly ever detracts from the score.

Think about that. You all keep saying "You're buying SP and MP. SP counts too" Yes, it does, but not nearly as much, and the opposite with primarily SP games.

Just basic logic... Tell me, IF The Last Of Us had really boring multiplayer, are you telling me it's score would have been significantly impacted ? No. You and I both know that it would have still gotten tons of 10/10s and 9/10s. I would have given it a 10/10 too, because the SP was mindblowing. Think about that.

Also, the people in the comments section who compare scores of this game to scores of Battlefield and COD are being silly. Comparisons like those are basically completely invalid.

donthate1211d ago


I think the problem is when the main package is the story, and that is sh!t and there is nothing else to fill that void, then yeah you have a problem. IGN isn't the only site that gave Until Dawn bad scores, in fact most of the large publications all gave it pretty bad marks. It is the smaller sites that gave it good marks and those are always questionable as they have no standard.

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DragonKing811212d ago

Didn't IGN say Metal Gear Solid 5 don't have a great story lol

-Foxtrot1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Holy shit they did

Perfect Score but the story was one of the main faults (AS SAID BY THEM...not me)

I mean if something is flawed, even by a little bit then it's not really deserving of a perfect 10/10.


Brand name always gives you a boost.

Fro_xoxo1212d ago

maybe it got a higher rating for its game-play mechanics, and other aspects of the game. .

Omar911212d ago

whoa IGN never said the story was trash or it didn't have great story. The story is still great it's just not as story focus as how the previous games use to be. At least thats what I got from the review.

DragonKing811212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

@Omar They gave the story a minus not a plus and still got a 10 not a 9.8 a 10 bro seriously. Check it out again

juggulator1212d ago

Yes, MGS5 got a 10/10 and yes I'm confused because MSG has always been about the story but apparently the gameplay is so outstanding that it somehow makes up for it in that you are sort of constructing your own path/story in a sense.
They say the trade off is worth it as everything seems so much less scripted. I will say that I do think it's for this very reason that things went south between Kojima and Konami. Konami may have wanted to keep the traditional cutscene driven gameplay like MGS4 and Kojoma wanted to try something different, or maybe the other way around. MGS has always been about the story/cut scenes and I'm convinced that the sudden change from this is essentially the cause of the sudden split, aka "creative differences".

mixelon1212d ago

Not exactly, they said the story wasn't as strong or focuses as the previous entries.

And foxtrot.. Seriously. 10 does not mean "perfect flawless game" - never has, never will. No point having a totally unattainable grade. There's never been an objectively perfect game.

Lamboomington1212d ago


Wait, what ?
Is it that hard to understand ? They said 'the story was a little sparse'

You're saying it's impossible that this was negligible in the overall picture to that particular reviewer ? It's really annoying to see people look at reviews and say "That shouldn't be the score" - that's stupid.

So a game with some story issues can't be a 10/10 ? Wrong. 10/10 means a Masterpiece by most gaming sites definitions, not flawless. If the reviewer feels it's a Masterpiece, it can be a 10/10. Don't know why this is so hard to understand.

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GameDev11212d ago

IGN also said MSGV had a sparse story while Gamespot said it has a complex one

Never take reviews seriously

Gasian1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Well you are not supposed to. Reviews are subjective opinions , with different people reviewing them. It is not IGN or Gamespot reviewing it but people reviewing it for them. Also researching what the site defines as a 10/10 is also important and making sure what those bullet points at the end of review actually mean, it is called reading the review. This is why review scores in general make and detract people from actually seeing the review in the first place. A reason why I respect what Eurogamer has done with that and more people should as well;review scores make no sense.

I will say it does suck that real journalism does not exist in a big way anymore. The gaming media is not perfect. It is click based, and does a lot of crap that is messed up sometimes. It is a enthusiast based media more than a journalistic based one. What I would call enthusiast press.

I wanted to make sure people actually understood, the few people who don't read the full review and such. I am not trying to out you specifically ,GameDev, or most people on here but the few who blantantly post "journalism" when reviews are mostly opinion based in the first place. But it does not mean that everything in gaming media and review culture is black and white. I believe it is different shades of gray.

Obviously this is just my opinion.Sorry for this being so long winded but I want people to understand (maybe) how I really feel on the matter. I hope ,even if you disagree, you can respect the point I am trying to make. :)

scark921212d ago

When I see that, I think proper MGS fans will enjoy the story.

Lamboomington1212d ago

"Never take reviews seriously"

Take them as opinions. Read lots of them and try to see what the consensus is in general. Try it for yourself.

They are opinions, nothing more.

Nekroo911212d ago

Its IGN... The thing is you actually need to make the right decisions for the characters to survive,only after that you can understand the story. But since they cant complete the story the game sucks.

jcnba281212d ago

This is an interactive movie, story is the most important factor here. Story is not important in games like COD and BF. Come on now foxy I thought you would have known this.

captainexplosion1212d ago

This is a story driven game so the story is extra important. Cod & Battlefield are online multiplayer games so the story is extra unimportant.

Big_Game_Hunters1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

This game sells itself on its story, COD doesn't. If not story what does this game have to enjoy? Literally nothing else.

Don't be so ignorant

_-EDMIX-_1212d ago

100% Agreed with Fox.

Who cares what IGN thinks, they give AAA games high scores many times even when the game by many game fans is known to be a bad game. I still remember years ago when they quickly changed their Assassins Creed 1 review.

As a BF fan for 10 years, I can say the single player coming into the picture doesn't really help much, I never played a BF single player and I own every BF lol.

Played halfway through 1, and it was a complete joke. What COD and BF do with single players is nothing someone would go out and spend full price for, I mean...if some of you guys think The Order had a short or bad game, consider we've been getting COD and BFs for years that don't look as good and offer less of a story.

IGN got some nerv lol

guyman1212d ago

very good point. Last call of duty (aw) had the same generic story as you'd expect (on top of extremely generic gameplay) yet ign gave it above 90%

Lamboomington1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Oh ffs.

Yes, compare this review to reviews of largely multiplayer based FPS games (and yes, that does mean that most of the review is based on MULTIPLAYER. That isn't going to change, no matter what you say)

Don't know when people will stop saying retarded things like this.

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JMaine5181212d ago

Cool. So far reviews are exceeding my expectations

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