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Originally announced for PlayStation 3 as a PS Move title an age and a half ago, Supermassive Game's Until Dawn finally arrives on PlayStation 4. Has it been worth the wait? That depends on you. Do you enjoy games with a strong player-driven choice system? What about one featuring a b-grade horror story that draws inspiration from some of the genre’s best films? If you answered yes, then chances are this is the PS4 exclusive for you.

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ABizzel11124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

This is the type of game Morpheus should be used for.

When you need to make a decision you simply look in the direction of the option you want for a brief moment, and off you go. Hopefully there's a patch for it, and first person mode added next year.

As of now I can't drop $60 on it, even though I'm interest so I'll Gamefly it and buy it on Black Friday.

leahcim1124d ago

WOW I sincerely was expecting a flop.

DarkOcelet1124d ago

Why are you so negative?

Why cant people accept that this genre of interactive games has its audience? Sigh.

Paleblood1124d ago

I was expecting a flop too but not because I am negative but because I know that despite this genre to be good, the media doesn't feel the same.

I am glad it turned out to be good but it was a surprise.

PSIN4MANT1124d ago

This game is looking like its gonna defy the haters.. I am excited.

hesido1124d ago

Those who are hitting disagree button on positive comments and not caring to explain why they are disagreeing?

PSIN4MANT1124d ago

There were videos out Yesterday, already declaring the game a flop.

chrisx1124d ago

Another great PS exclusive

Hoffmann1124d ago

8 People disagree because ...well nobody knows.

NeoGamer2321124d ago

If 8/10 defines a great review, then gamer's standards have fallen considerably.

Bloodborne was great... This is not great.

ShadowWolf7121124d ago

If an 8/10 is a bad game to you, you're ridiculous.

Heck, even a 6 means it's above average. Something we seem to forget in this day and age of chasing "perfection".

NeoGamer2321124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

I don't remember my comment saying that 8/10 is a bad game. I simply said 8/10 does not define it as a great game.

The game has not released so these are pre-reviews. Most pre-reviews are 5-10 points above the average reviews once the game comes out. So this game will be lucky to maintain 75-80 after release as an average.

I won't call that a bad game at all. I call it an average game because the lion's share of reviews give games 70-80. Definitely, not the kind of numbers you see from great games like Bloodborne, and Witcher 3.

"Great" should be reserved for rare games that are truly a cut above everything else... This review puts this game in the average to slightly above average category.

And 6/10 is usually, not at all a great game. it is usually non-memorable.

TwoForce1124d ago

What a troll ! Do you really hate Until Dawn because it's inspired by Heavy Rain? So far the review of this game have been very positive.

NeoGamer2321124d ago

Where did I ever say I "hate" Until Dawn? Please, cite any direct reference to "hating" this game.

ShadowWolf7121124d ago

"Heck, even a 6 means it's above average."

"And 6/10 is usually, not at all a great game. it is usually non-memorable."

And you said what differently?

And yeah, an 8/10 is a great score, especially for a game like this. You can try to spin all you like, you know what you were implying.

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AstroCyborg1124d ago

if you put away the silly concept of what a game should be WHAT

Master-H1124d ago

Looks like you're not happy that this game is getting great review scores.. lul

kayoss1124d ago

His concept of a game.
Must go pew pew pew
Also occasional bang boom pow!

Aenea1123d ago

Ehhhh, pew pew, is the sound in Star Wars, so he only likes Battlefront?? *puzzled look*


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