PS4 Horizon RPG Elements Somewhere Between Assassin's Creed and Skyrim

When Sony announced Horizon: Zero Dawn, the next game from the creators of Killzone, back at E3, the company confirmed it would have some role-playing game elements. But how much of an RPG is it really? Will it offer the same kind of depth as a game like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt or The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim?

GamesRadar put that very question to Guerrilla Games co-founder and managing director Hermen Hulst as part of a new interview.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1205d ago

The title is wrong. Basically what the guy said is that the game is an action RPG game

SmokingMonkey1205d ago

This and Dreams are my Top two most anticipated New IP's can't wait!!

nucky641205d ago

I'd put "wild" and "no mans sky" on the list too.

TomatoDragon1205d ago

So incredibly hyped for this game.

chrisx1205d ago

Horizon is shaping up to be a hit

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