Nintendon't Know What It's Doing

In 2011, Nintendo posted their first ever net loss of $530 million and had continued a streak until this year. Nintendo used to be at the very top of the gaming industry. Other game console companies were intimidated by the giant and developers wanted their newest games on Nintendo consoles. So what happened?

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wonderfulmonkeyman1206d ago

Another bash article...why am I not surprised...

N4g_null1206d ago

This is the sole reason why nintendo can't listen to fans... most are sheep and don't even understand how to make a better system. Notice how most of them just want a copy of the HD twins. The mario in unreal 4 doesn't help his argument it just goes to show he doesn't know what he wants and buying a wii and not finding any games means he is a media led gamer.

If nintendo wants to be big again they must conquer the media and then just deliver their games.

The author also doesn't understand why nintendo took a lost. They where in r and d and also building a new r and d facility. Then they where also working on nx. Once that was done presto... Profit appeared.

The notion that they should have stayed with sony... you realize nintendo was expanding while sony was selling off divisions?

If anything please never listen to these type of gamers. They could not run a company that is even on auto pilot.

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RPGrinder1205d ago Show
Angeljuice1205d ago

If Nintendo knows what it's doing, why is the WiiU in its current state?

Nintendo used to be the biggest name in Videogames, now it's a little niche side-note that barely gets mentioned in popular culture.

Films and TV programs have characters refer to playing Xbox or PlayStation now where it used to be Nintendo, it may seem a small thing but it reflects a huge shift.

The trouble is Nintendo's self image is still based on what they were in the Eighties.

They still see themselves as the king of consoles, where in fact if they bothered to look outside their Ivory Towers they'd see that most of their kingdom has been fought for, picked over and spat out without them even noticing.

RPGrinder1205d ago


"If Nintendo knows what it's doing, why is the WiiU in its current state?"

If Sony knows what it is doing, Why is the Vita in the state it is in, and Why is Sony software not good and not selling?

"Nintendo used to be the biggest name in Videogames, now it's a little niche side-note that barely gets mentioned in popular culture."

Is that why Big bang theory, the biggest show on tv, mentions Nintendo all the time?

As usual you have no idea what you are talking about

remixx1161205d ago

There you go......saying stupid sh*t again, your a bigger Nintendo fanboy than me and I can probably make a better argument for Nintendo that you.

Also you said why is Sony software not good and not selling, do your saying the last of us re, bloodborne, mlb the show, until dawn, guilty gear etc etc are not good?? Not to mention Sony is selling the most software, I mean hell even drive club outsold forza horizon 2, hell even the order which I think is a terrible game sole well over a million units in its first two weeks.

Also in response to Sony selling off division and Nintendo expanding, that isn't really the best comparison because Sony has multiple divisions, Nintendo only has one. You can't really y compare Sony selling off its laptop division orto Nintendo expending its only division which is gaming, songs laptop has nothing to do with gaming so how does that affect how good their gaming division is , we should be comparing the two divisions that actually compete.

Also grinder that big bang theory rebuttal was terrible.

Neither of you know what'sbest for nNintendo, let's wait for the NX to come out and see if ninty can solve their own problems, not a bunch of you internet armchair analysis

N4g_null1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

Exactly remmixx166... I'm a guilty gear fan and that credit goes to arc systems, it better in the arcades also. You wouldn't know that unless you could afford to go to Japan.

so far the best thing I can say about sony is the ps4 is selling, yet those sales haves slowed up. Then we have a bunch of train wreck releases and their best game is bloodborn... which no one plays anymore. Luckily 3rd party is propping up old man somy. They simply have no more tricks up their sleeves. Where is the tech for me to ski together two ps4 so I can get the framerate I want... no thunderbolt support... I would have rather they all waited for hbm2 to come out. Gddr is old and rambus ram is as old as the n64 lol. No type c USB support, no real tech innovative vision. Just a bunch of clones it seems.

Nintendo still makes way more games than sony then these games are actually rated better and also hold their value better. On top of it all I still play all of my nintendo games. Sony not so much.

Then I have to ask you, where were you when the vita came out? Remember when it was million ahead of the nintendo handheld? Do you also remember all of that bad ass sony games that came out for it? Nope I don't ethier. What about that 3rd party support... Wtf happened? Then sale dried right on up.

If I was an investing man I'd bet on nintendo right now even if the nx failed. Why because sony is mirroring what happened to their laptop and tv line in the ps brand along with their phones.

This is starting to look like a Sega moment. Yet sega actually had games I wanted to play. I think the sony nostalgia will wear off sooner or later. They use to be great now they are just trying to hang on and milk the fans they do have.

Sony is a mediocre manufacturer now. A horrible game publisher right now. They really don't have a vision to stop android and apple devices from actually taking over if they ever decide to make a disk based console. I use to have sony everything. Then I grew up. The only reason I still play nintendo stuff is because they still make some of the best games and they do know what they are doing. Pr may be a major weakness of theirs but that only works for sheep.

I read the article it is 2 years late. It also doesn't have any real solutions. It is just echo chamber fodder for lemmings.

Also if you want to arm chair run a company at least some like you know what you are talking about.

Also when sony decided to make clones of mariokart and smash they failed. Horribly. That along show how much better nintendo is at making games. Still still refuse to say they make the better console... what is a console with out games? Well that is a 3do or atari jaguar with 3rd party support. I wonder what happens when the sony money bags stop... do we get a vita like moment? Also where is sony next handheld?

Hopefully the subscription service saves them.

3-4-51205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

@Greatnessawaits = We all know you are not buying it anyways, so just stop acting like a child.

Purposely being arrogant and negative make you look bad, not Nintendo.

remixx1161205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )


Yay for jumping on me with a fanboy response when I did not attack Nintendo at all, in fact I said I can make a better argument "for" them than grinder.

Also when did I say the vita was great?? I never even mentioned the vita, I own both a vita and a 3d, which do you think I like more?? Simple answer the 3ds.

Also why would I care what you invest in fanboy?? I never asked you that, also what's this weird ass statement that you made about going to Japan to play a great game I could just play on my ps4?? The game is excellent on ps4 and in arcades but of course you had to be an ass and try to create an argument stating that buying a ticket and heading all the way across the world to play a game is some how the better option.

Also what's with you making statements about what you like to play on Sega and Nintendo but not Sony?? When did I ask you that? When did I say I give a fuqq, who are you to me or anyone else? If YOU can't find anything on Sony platforms to play then thats YOUR problem. The other 26+ million people on ps4 are finding the games there just fine.

As well what do you mean about Sony relying on nostalgia, if anything nostalgia is the one thing Sony doesn't use. You know they actually consistently make new ips. See horizon, the last guardian, until dawn, dreams and others to go along with sequels like uncharted 4 and gran turismo. If anything Nintendo is the one that relys on nostalgia.

Also you claim Sony doesn't really have a vision for android and such taking over, well here's a thought (this is coming from a Nintendo fan) but maybe Nintendo didn't have a vision for stop Sony and Microsoft from taking over, that ever run across your mind scissor runner?

Infact the only one of the big three that seems to have an absolute vision for the future is Microsoft, Sony seems to be leaning towards game streaming and VR so I wouldn't say they have no idea and I definitely wouldn't say they are a mediocre hardware producer seeing as they seem to produce some pretty reliable stuff.

Lastly never once did I try an arm chair run a company, I told grinder to stop doing it and let Nintendo do Nintendo and we'll see how the nx turns out. As well I don't care when the hell sonys next hand held will drop, the vita sucked so I probably won't buy it. Do me a favor and fully read what I right and stop making assumptions and putting words into people mouths fanboy, also stop talking about what you would, I don't give a damn about what your doing and I never asked you.

I have no idea where your pitiable rebuttal came from or why you made it at me but please tone down child.

N4g_null1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

Remix ethier add to the convo or dismiss yourself seriously. So your whole point is your are smarter huh? You obviously loose it a couple of times in your post. Im really not sure why you are so fustrated. I didnt put anything in your mouth that is your own foot not mine. You dont have to believe me or what i say but its out there for everyone else to see. You really shouldnt try and shut people up man. This is a nintendo article and he is a fan.... ummm he sort of belongs here no matter how much you don't want people speculating. Well that is what people do. I corrected you a bit there sorry Mr smart person. You missed the fact that guilty gear isn't a sony ip. You seem a little charged up and angry? You ok man? It is better in the arcades.

LoL you called me a child, now that's funny. I must have struck a nerve. Sorry for the typos it does make things hard to read.

You still don't know how sony got all of that fanfare? Money hats... that is the sole reason why ms is in 2nd and beat sony most of last gen. Sony simply can't afford it. It's funny how people think nintendo should do that. The point of a business is to make profit. Being number one is great but being able to survive is more important. No one is loyal to sony or nintendo.

Sony couldn't survive the laptop business which was a manufacturer market. Sony hasn't really made any thing notable since Blu Ray and that is not all theirs. They simply are not the tech innovators they once were. So all they have left is games and I don't really see them surviving if all 3rd party goes away. We both know they don't have games that are addictive. Eye candy maybe but pc are moving far far along. Actually tablets are going to catch up with the ps4 it seems. Hbm2 can be used in phones also.

I mean you said a lot to not care. Then you thought everything I was saying was for you. Maybe it was or it wasn't. I dont have time to address everyone. This is a fan site. We post opinions and stuff. It's not that serious man. We all armchair and really I'm a fan of each companies for different reasons. So calling me a fan boy makes no sense, hey but if that's all you got then cool. I'll be a fan boy if that is all you can address.

Rpg is using similar arguments against haters. I think most of the haters arguments are dumb anyway. He did not originate that falacy. Real critical comments can result in true success once fixed. I don't see many of those. That is my main gripe.

I'm not the only one that is feed up with sony. It's the price of being popular.

I'm here to talk about the article anyway. I also find it odd that we gamers are failing to see that mobile gaming has changed and is actually picking up the torch that the ps3 dropped. No one wants to talk about that tbough.

remixx1161205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )


I seemed charged up do I?? Hmmmm.

Well let's explore that, never once did I try and flaunt my intellect over you, that's just how I respond to statements I find stupid.

Next, I responded in the way I did because you kept stating things YOU do or what YOU would invest in as if it had any relevance to me. You do not speak for the masses and you sounded ignornant, that is why I said I don't give a fuqq, forcing your perception as the end all be all is foolish.

Also you kept bring things up to me that I wasn't even making an argument for, like the vita and then you would go on to make asinine statements like being able to afford to fly to Japan to play a video game in an arcade, that little statement came off as insulting and condescending.

Then you go on to claim sony is relying on nostalgia when infact Nintendo is the king of it. Then you claim no one is playing if you know what anyone's doing, you come off arrogant.

You claim that the reason Sony has fans is because of Money hatting, it couldn't be because people have been fans of the PS brand since the PS one and the highest selling console off all time is the that couldn't be it.

You claim that your stating opinions yet they all come off as patched style claims.

If I seem charged up to you then maybe you should check your condescending and arrogant reply above to see why. You attempted to turn this into a Sony vs Nintendo thing and through in a ass holish tone to accompany your statements.

Also the reason why I call you a fanboy is because of how one sided your arguments sound and how baseless your arguments were, things like: they simply have no tricks up their sleeves or I'd invest in Nintendo even if the NX failed or my favorite one, nobody plays bloodborne still play your old Nintendo games right?? Why wouldn't people still play bloodborne especially seeing how its so high rated and such a fun game.

Now do me a favor with that last bubble of yours, come up with an honest rebuttal and let's have an actually discussion and leave statements like: "you wouldn't know that unless you could afford to go to Japan" and "add to the convo or dismiss yourself" I don't have time to argue with people who act like YouTube pricks and then act like their taken aback when you feel like I'm being "charged up".

N4g_null1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

Remix you started out calling some one dumb, then didn't even know that sony didn't create one of the games you listed. Then you call me a child. I think you need to calm down. The stuff I was saying went over your head. Then it wasn't for you. I'm not saying you are slow but you are expecting a fan boy reaction. Your words I'm a fanboy. It's cool remix. The article was bad. I'll leave it at that. Good day.

I'm sorry you tube is getting to you that much. I stopped watching all of that. You do realize you don't sound too much different. I think your bubble count is going to your head the same way you tubers get out of hand.

It's called replay value... which is why people don't trade in nintendo games. Seriously what is new about the ps4? Other than it being a capable ps3... or what the ps3 should have been. Maybe you don't see the complaints but I do. Plus you know it's the truth. Just like the vita the ps4 would be dead if 3rd parties went dreamcast on sony. That isn't the case with Nintendo. The 3ds proves that.... along with the wii and wiiu.

I think you are trying to hard to be smart now. Ignoring my points only makes you look like you have poor comperhension. The fact that all you can do is ignore my points shows you are just flaming to flame.

remixx1161205d ago


Well for starters yes the article is abhorrent, next you can only leave it at that due to a lack of bubbles, lastly I realize that you cherry pick statements and you also take things out of context and in some cases lie.

......all traits of.....never mind.

I never called anyone dumb, keep in mind I did say that what grinder says is stupid, yet I never once called him nor you dumb.

Second I never once said I didn't know Sony didn't make guilty gear, I'm well aware that it was developed by arc system works who also develops the blaz blue and persona 4 arena games, stop putting words in my mouth. Grinder said ps4 has bad games, I simply reply with a list of good games.

I called you a child due to your ignorant and ass hole ambeded statements in which you chose to begin both your replys to me with.

None of what you said went over my head, in fact much of what you said was irrelevant and you dodge points left and right while I address everything in a discussion.

But all in all thank you for your final statement, may you enjoy the rest of your day as well.

remixx1161204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Umm regarding your last statement, I think you just totally disregarded all of my statements and tried to run it against me, you literally dodged all of my points while I addressed yours......which I actually did address your points, are you reading my posts?

I think you just can't read is all, I never questioned the replay value of Nintendo's products, you claim that I don't see the complaints about Sony, well there are plenty of complaints about Nintendo as well, many you don't seem to see .........its almost as if were talking to different people.

I never once said ninty couldn't survive without 3rd parties, the GameCube is my favorite console of all time and it didn't have much third party support, while yes Sony is relying heavily on 3rd parties.....I was never arguing that, please if you somehow reply to me don't just toss baseless subjects at me and claim I'm avoiding them.

Also if the ps1, 2 and 3 are any proof Sony's first party support will come through just fine, I don't care about what new fancy gimmicks come out, I just like to play video games dude that's all, I'm very simple regardless of my "trying to sound smart" tone.

I wasn't aware that I was "trying to sound smart" maybe you just feel insecure, regardless I don't think your stupid, I just think at this point your completely off topic and making arguments for stuff I never brought all.

I've never had a discussion with someone like you before, you claim I called someone dumb, which I didn't. You claim I dodge your points, which I haven't. Then you bring up stuff that wasn't even part of the discussion and throw them at me and tell me iI lack comprehension.

All I said in my original post to grinder was, let Nintendo do Nintendo and Sony has great software, and that them selling off other divisions has nothing to do with their gaming one.

Also how was I flaming just to flame?? Saying stuff like Sony is a horrible game produce and manufacture seems a little flaimy to me but hey its your opinion not seem to really hate Sony.

Please if you ever talk to me again let's try and just talk about our original discussion cuz you made this into a Sony vs Nintendo thing for no reason.

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-Foxtrot1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

Oh come off's not like people are bashing Nintendo lately for no reason

They just come off like they don't know what the hell is going on within the industry and don't know what gamers actually want. Their E3 this year proved that.

Compared to the shit Microsoft and Sony get thrown their way when they f*** up, Nintendo get off pretty lightly.

wonderfulmonkeyman1205d ago

They get off lightly, eh?
Need I remind me how the Wii U's sales are doing?
They might not be in a financial pit of failure, but 10M at 3 years of age is reflection enough that they've been taken to task for their own shoddy marketing efforts.

1205d ago
Spotie1205d ago

Why is questioning Nintendo's actions bashing?

superchiller1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

@garrettbobbyferguson - Both the PS4 and XB1 support dual layer bluray discs, which have a capacity of 50gb. Which means that the article is correct, and you have no point. Also, the article is probably referring to the Wii U's pitiful 32gb of internal storage, compared to 500gb on both the PS4 and XB1. Either way, you apparently didn't understand.

Stop making excuses for Nintendo's poor decisions, step up to the plate and demand better products from them in the future.

maniacmayhem1205d ago

Maybe the same reason you feel no one can leave a negative opinion about Sony without you believing they're troll or a hater.

Why is it that you can accept and claim websites that are against Sony but can't believe the same for Nintendo?

Don't you think the "media" is bias against Nintendo also or is this thought you preach only reserved for Sony?

Kiwi661205d ago

Yet i bet you don't mind the lets bash ms & sony articles which is mostly what you see yet there is hardly any negative nintendo articles, plus they did bring their failures upon themselves so why shouldn't they be held accountable and have it talked about

N4g_null1205d ago

I don't go to sony articles. I won't start doing that till they make something I want to play that isn't on pc. I'm curious why nintendo haters go to nintendo articles? Maybe it's not just hate. Maybe you guys real believe you have the answer because you know how these sheep think? Eeeh?

If sony doesn't do something mobile is going to kill gaming. The wii made a great push. Gamers killed it. Now sony is the market leader, wth is sony going to do to slow down mobile gaming?

REDDURT1205d ago

Don't listen to your fans listen to third parties

wonderfulmonkeyman1205d ago

Sure, let's listen to third parties.
Like Activision.
Ghosts on Wii U was great, wasn't it?
All those extra maps, the season pass, new extinction stu- OH WAIT...

Seriously, why should Nintendo listen to third parties when third parties don't want to put any real effort into most of the multiplats they give to Nintendo?

roboshort1205d ago

I guess because you have read plenty of idiotic comments like many of the ones below. People that ignore all of the positives and just focus on the negatives so they can believe their narrative has credence.

pcz1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

nintendo do know what they are doing, its just not what the majority of consumers want.

the future looks to be digital, and inevitably all consoles will lose their physical medium, so nintendo are being forward thinking with the NX. they clearly know what they are doing. but whether consumers want that now, is a different story.

also, i think sony or microsoft would be more likely to launch a successful digital only console, because they have invested in and have have been developing those areas of their consoles aggressively for years. naturally, they will do it better than nintendo, who have half-heartedly crawled into the digital/online era. if nintendo usher in the digital only console era, it will be totally no frills.

the world knows nintendo is seriously lagging in that department, and so nobody would be willing to go digital only, especially with nintendo.

fine, the NX has no optical drive, but i pray it has some sort of physical medium, otherwise i think it will be dead on arrival.

personally, i have absolutely no interest in a digital only console, regardless who produces it. it looks like my days as a gamer are almost over

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StormSailor1205d ago

Agree... and I'm done with Nintendo

KryptoniteTail1205d ago

Nintendo might try a third inferior system but if it doesn't do well they will either pull out of home consoles or step up with a real competitor. Hopefully NX just kicks ass though.

Fanboys are the worst. Criticism is necessary but fans won't allow it. It would help Nintendo reach their SNES glory days. Ever since Sony showed up they have been inferior but not because Sony is better, but because they started doing stupid s*** right at that time. N64 had carts, NGC had the mini discs and childish appearance plus no online, then Wii decided to really go off the deep end but they got lucky by striking a chord with casuals, and now we have Wii U, the weak system with a tablet.

NX can be good if they stick to the basics, no being weird, trying to compensate for features with gimmicks. At least have both.

Also, their handhelds are also gimmicky and weak. DS was two screens with a piss poor touch screen and 3DS has 3D but they're weak. Time to match your competition. 4DS needs a minimum of Vita's tech when it launches but preferably more. I get the feeling they'll just include a better screen and a new gimmick, though honestly.

REDDURT1205d ago

Nx has two strikes with me no storage medium and another screen the controller.

Ck1x1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

This is why our generation will die dumb and Ilinformed, people these days don't like to read for themselves... you have done what every other person on the Internet that reads a headline does. Take it as the truth and never look to see if it's actually legit. The patent that Nintendo filed says nothing about its future hardware as being digital only, or no storage medium at all. But misinformed people spread uneducated propaganda... This is everything that's wrong with the current gaming industry. People don't have minds for themselves and trust mainstream opinion of things.

ShaunCameron1205d ago

<Time to match your competition. 4DS needs a minimum of Vita's tech when it launches but preferably more.>

Um. What competition? The Vita is to the handheld market what the Wii U is to the home console market. A fringe platform. Barely worth considering.

KryptoniteTail1205d ago

You can talk crap all you want, 3DS is an inferior system to its direct competition. Success isn't indicative of quality hardware. Wii crushed its competition but nobody will say it is a good piece of hardware.

ShaunCameron1205d ago

@ Kryptonite Tail

Too bad quality hardware means nothing without quality software. All that quality hardware and the Vita still has yet to have a game of note.

user89668281205d ago

Why the he'll should they listen to you you talk about their handhelds yet they dominate they don't need to be like the vita why would they want to be like a horrible selling handheld that nobody even Sony themselves wants to support yeah that would be smart

KryptoniteTail1205d ago

You're not the sharpest tool in the shed, I see. Why don't you try aguing againt my valid points instead of clinging to the 3DS' success? I don't care about that. I am a gamer and I do not work for Nintendo. Do you? No? Then why would you want to be sold a 3DS which is factually inferior to Vita technically speaking for the same price? There's no reason Nintendo cannot produce quality hardware.

Stop defending them. You're coming at me, ignoring my perfectly logical and valid factual points, and arguing as a Nintendo employee or stockholder would instead of as an intelligent consumer.

Get outta here, come back with a brain and a valid point after you get the taste of Nintendo's Wiimote out of your mouth.

ShaunCameron1205d ago

@ Kryptonite Tail

And neither are you.

RPGrinder1205d ago

When Sony starts releasing decent games and supporting there systems, then they can be used as admiration.

Sony treated Vita fans a lot dirtier than Nintendo treated owners of Wii U.

Sylth011205d ago

You seem to be way too invested in the power of a system, whether it has the stigma of a 'gimmick' attached, and how 'childish' it looks (really? we're judging on LOOKS now?).

From the criteria you are judging their consoles by I really doubt anything Nintendo does, outside of becoming clones of the other two system makers, will be enough. I mean, you just stated you look at a CUBE and judge it as childish; I doubt any Nintendo franchise will attract someone with your... views...

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DualWielding1205d ago

Nintendoes: Sells Last Gen Tech at Next Gen Prices

Nintendoes Release Consoles with no third party support so people who end with them as their only console are forced to buy only first party titles

Nintendoes tie digital games to hardware so you are screwed if your system is ever lost or stolen

Nintendoes region lock the consoles so people who have to move to another continent for work or study are screwed

Nintendoes what others don't

Segata1205d ago

Wii U is much more powerful than PS3 or 360. Unless you can show me a PS360 game using 8k textures when most games didn't even use 2k on those systems.

Weaker than PS4 and XBO but last gen? No that's just incorrect.

Psytrix1205d ago

Got rid of my Wii U - was absolutely covered in dust. Next time I'll just buy some play-doh instead - much cheaper.

AWBrawler1205d ago

considering that consoles are meant to be stationary, unless you dust regularly (let's face it men don't dust) it should be pretty dusty. if if wasn't dusty that would imply you rarely have it out in the open where dust is, meaning you don't play it. so dust is actually an indicator of how much its used when it comes to consoles. case and point my wii u is always so dusty if i run a wet napkin on it it turns black, but i play it every single day for hours.

Psytrix1204d ago

Nice reply - you get a + from me :)

Ck1x1205d ago

If your WiiU was covered in dust then that's more of a testament to your housekeeping, not your videogame consumption...

benji1011205d ago

Dust sticks to electronic items that are on. It does not stick to items that are not used. The reason dust sticks to electronic items is because of static.

If your ps4 is dust free then that is a sign you are not playing it.