Until Dawn Review I PowerPyx

PowerPyx writes: "I recommend this game, but it might be better to rent than to buy due to the relatively short story length. If you are a trophy hunter you will be happy with this short and easy platinum trophy."

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Hakoom1207d ago

perfect review
i agree with everything you said

butchertroll1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

Quote from article :

- Unskippable cutscenes make it feel dragged out in subsequent playthroughs (many dialogues repeat themselves)

- Relatively short story


But cut-scenes ARE THE POINT OF THIS GAME. With so many different dialogues and choices and with multiple endings. And story is not short. Around 9-10 hours with many endings.

Really weird minus from review

Hakoom1207d ago

yes but when you play it a 2nd or 3rd time you sometimes want to skip things and its annoying when you cant

jb2271207d ago


I guess that all depends on whether or not aspects or dialogue from the cutscenes change from playthrough to playthrough. If it changes cutscenes then its understandable that they not be skippable imo.

Walker1207d ago

Did you play until dawn ?

Aloy-Boyfriend1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

If the game has different outcomes based on the choices you make and how many of the cast you keep alive (If the game has lots of replayability, in other words), then I don't think being short is really an issue. Then again, the game was officially confirmed to be 8-10 hrs too.

Anyways, great review

Cy1207d ago

For a purely narrative experience, 8-10 isn't "short", though. Especially if you're supposed to play through it multiple times to get different endings. I hate when reviewers don't take genre into account when whining about game length.

Paleblood1207d ago

Another good review.

I can safely say this game got everyone by surprise. I cannot be the only one expecting it to receive low scores.