Opinion: Black Ops 3 Doesn't Change Enough

Alex of Irrational Passions writes:
"I, like many others, have spent much of the past few days digging deep into the Call of Duty Black Ops 3 beta. I’ve sunk maybe 10-15 hours into the multiplayer experience, and having skipped the past few Call of Duty titles, I was expecting to be rewarded with an evolved experience, but instead I’m met with an frankensteinian amalgamation of several shooters I’ve played before. Black Ops 3 doesn’t change the series, not that I was necessarily expecting it to, but I was hoping it’d be a different direction than Advanced Warfare, and is instead just moving backwards."

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FlexLuger1209d ago

After playing the beta, I have to agree. But then I didnt expect it too really change much. But the good thing about the BETA is it helped me to ignore this game this fall. It players like any other recent COD. And COD has not been good since MW2 in my books.

It will sell truckloads then users will flood the forums once again complaining about that strong auto aim weapon and perk imbalances and quickscoping.

Im just glad I have halo 5, starwars:Bf and rainbow six too look forward too.And on that note this is the third and last thing I am going to post in a COD thread. I took a vague interest out of curiosity and after playing I realised its more of the same but not in a good way.

lipton1011208d ago

It's seriously the same game with very minor alterations. Run shoot die repeat. I prefer a slower pace, since mw2, cod has been practically dead to me because I've grown to absolutely hate the series.

On a side note, cod 1, 2 and 4 were masterpieces.

EazyC1209d ago

The users are a bit selfish on the whole, no one seems interested in team play which was a huge draw with my bread-and-butter FPS game, BF and Rainbow Six. The gameplay and balancing is great though.

Simco8761208d ago

That's why AW was a welcome change, but now everything will be like AW.