Star Fox Zero, Fatal Frame Wii U, Devil’s Third, and more release dates announced

Nintendo has put out a new press release outlining the rest of its 2015 lineup, confirming release dates for Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water, Star Fox Zero, and Devil’s Third.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1206d ago

Good lineup.
I'm glad they decided to go with an October release date for Fatal Frame:MoBW.
It'll be fun to see Youtubers do special Halloween videos featuring it.^_^

3-4-51206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

Never played the mystery dungeon Pokemon games but the new one looks pretty decent.

N4g_null1206d ago

That is a heavy line up there. I'll still be playing splatoon while devil comes out. Then I'll get my starfox, xenolade on. I'll be getting mario maker last though because I just will not have time to make the nightmares that every mario fan deserves.

WPX1206d ago

What the hell, Nintendo?
At this rate I'll be flat broke by Christmas!
I better start saving up.

iplay1up21206d ago

Nice line up. I am still waiting for a Fast Racing Neo release date though. I just checked Shinen's website, it still just says 2015.

AKR1206d ago

They said a few weeks ago that they're aiming to have it ready by December.

N4g_null1206d ago

Wow and I almost forgot about this game...

MSBAUSTX1206d ago

Sweet Jesus October thru December are going to be money pits lol!

Zjet1206d ago

Yep It is every year.....

I remember when back in the PS1/N64 days 1999 and 2000 were great years for this...

Errefus1206d ago

Sucks fatal frame is digital only...

addictedtochaos1206d ago

Yeah, I won't be buying it now.

wonderfulmonkeyman1206d ago

Let's be honest: most gamers have some form of external storage for their systems now, so this isn't the huge detriment some are making it out to be, much less a reason to skip it.

Still day 1 for me. It's one of the few games that actually makes full use of the game pad.

DarkBlood1206d ago

same here i wont be buying it since it does not have a phyiscal release. i dont care if i finally have unlimited Gigs or not.

addictedtochaos1205d ago

Storage isn't an issue for me. I simply do not buy digital, period.

rjason121206d ago

Well I'm personally gonna wait, last time I purchased a "eshop exclusive game" they eventually released it on retail.

ZeekQuattro1206d ago

I think you will be waiting a long time for that. It was a miracle the game was localized in the first place.

Venox20081206d ago

in Europe you can get Limited Edition with disc I think

Segata1206d ago

They lost a sale from me. NOA is awful. Satoru Shibata should be named CEO. He's similar to iwata except he believes in a global market. So we would get those games released in NOE in NOA in the same treatment. Likely Region free systems and a good reason in a Sony dominated territory he's made some good footing.

benji1011206d ago

The thing is for the cost of printing, distributing and paying for pos they lose by making a physical copy in America.
America is the worst market for Mature Nintendo games.

deafdani1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

Screw NOA, Satoru Shibata for NOJ! He's charming, he knows about games, he cares about gamers, and apparently he does a pretty damn good job at steering the ship at NOE.

Sounds like a worthy sucessor for Iwata to me.

wonderfulmonkeyman1205d ago

@ Dani
Let's be honest; the real reason ya want him is because his name rhymes well with Iwata's, isn't it?XD

N4g_null1206d ago

A very cool digital only first two chapters free! I'll see if they can hook me first.

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TheLoCoRaven1206d ago

With all the games I want to get by the end of the year, Star Fox is the one I keep forgetting about. Definitely grabbing that one.

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