Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Rated by ESRB

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection has been rated by the ESRB ratings authority ahead of its release this October.

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DragonDDark1207d ago

Never cared actually. The game is awesome

traumadisaster1207d ago

I suppose there could be a segment of non adults that do pay attention to this as part of a rule with their parents.

I really want this but don't know which remaster to re-play first this or tlos.

I know on the ps3 tlos was a great evolution from uncharted for me. I just don't want one to be a let down from the other as Uncharted may have a better remake than tlos?

ryuuzakibjorn1207d ago

"The ESRB details some familiar content from the three games, though there’s nothing that really shouts out to us." - What? What were they expecting? It's a remaster of games that already exist. Were they expecting them to be totally different games or something?