Winner revealed for September's 'Vote to Play' PlayStation Plus game

[Update: Voting has now closed with one game winning by taking 44% of the vote]

Dealspwn: Voting closes in just over three hours for the inaugural Vote to Play title. The winner from the three candidates will be included as one of the free games in the Instant Game Collection in September's PlayStation Plus package. You can still vote on the PSN website, or directly from your PS4 by looking for a link in your PlayStation notifications tab.

Voting also gives you an update on the current standings and the same game has had the lead for a while now. Let's have a look who the front-runner is.

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arkard1205d ago

Grow Home, saved you a click.

TheLoCoRaven1205d ago

I knew it would be Grow Home as soon as I heard the choices. It was the only game I heard of. I even forgot to vote cause of it.

Army_of_Darkness1205d ago

Grow home?!?! seriously?! Looks so boring... I voted for zombie vikings.... **tear drop**

Name Last Name1205d ago

Have fun beating it in a sitting.

Kidmyst1205d ago

Army_of_Darkness, agreed I too thought Zombie Vikings looked much more fun. I watched all the videos and Grow Home looked neat but then I got a sense it'd get repetitive. Hopefully the 2nd place one will be up for vote the next month.

RpgSama1205d ago

Voted for Armello, wanted armello SO bad!!, let's see for how much it sells at a discount.

MeteorPanda1205d ago

l've got armello on pc, l can't seem to finish a match without getting shafted XD

l voted armello even tho l'm so bad at that game

rdgneoz31205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

From what steam had as prices, Grow Home cost only $8, Armello was $20, and Viking was around $15 I think...

Voted Armello too. Graphics looked beautiful, MP (steam lists it as cross play), music was good, procedurally generated maps, 8 (I think) characters to choose from.

If they did a better video for the voting it may have won, as that cartoon video showed nothing of the game play or features... All they had to do was mention procedurally generated maps, MP (2-4), multiple characters to choose from, and character customization (talent trees, rings).

Transporter471205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

They said that the discount for each game is 30% off. I was expecting something like 20-25, but 30 is pretty damn good. The discount is available from September 1st to Sept. 15. Oh yeah, Only PS+ Members get the discount, but I think that is common sense when it comes to PS+ titles.

badz1491205d ago! I voted for Viking because I love Stick it to the Man. Grow Home doesn't appeal to me much but I won't mind trying it for free. Bummer that I have to churn out money for Viking

Travis37081205d ago

Glad to see that one win and Hopefully the other game we get for free is more interesting or AAA

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PSIN4MANT1205d ago

Of course it's grow home, that vote tally didn't move. It steady stayed on top.

Insomnia_841205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

I voted for Grow Home after watching gameplay of the 3 games we had to choose from. Looks like a fun game.

Btw, I'm that guy from Twitter lol

PSIN4MANT1205d ago

Same here, looks like fun, can't wait to get it.


22CobraKing1205d ago

People just picked it because it's a Ubisoft game, we should of gave one of the 2 a try.

raWfodog1205d ago

I didn't even know it was a Ubisoft game and I picked it. With Ubisoft's reputation lately, what makes you think people picked it based off of that? If anything, I think it would have scared a lot of people away from it.

uth111205d ago

Might be the fact that it was the only non-indie of the bunch. Because many people seem to think that somehow indicates quality..

Kurisu1205d ago

I voted for Zombie Vikings. Looked like a really fun co-op game. Grow Home doesn't look like something I'd play, but I'll give it a grow =p

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