The Order: 1886 gets it cheapest price yet

Dealspwn: The Order: 1886 was admittedly a letdown considering the hype, but at least that's meant some heavy discounting since release. You should be able to get most of your money back on eBay if you want to get rid afterwards. My mission to find the game for £18.86 seems to have failed again, but I was close with this £17.57 deal, which could be the cheapest price yet for a new copy.

The Order: 1886 is only about five hours long and makes you watch it rather than play it half the time. But I'd still recommend giving it a shot at some point, if the price is right for you. It's incredibly good-looking throughout and the shootouts are actually a lot of fun.

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InMyOpinion1213d ago

I really enjoyed The Order. Really good game and imo the best looking game ever created thus far.

XBLSkull1213d ago

not sure of the conversion rate but got 5 days ago at $40 USD, maybe I got ripped off. Luckily I got a great job so I don't feel ripped off but I quit after meeting some chick in a marketplace or something. Terrible opening, never even fired a shot before I made the decision it was time to go back to Bloodborne. QTE fest. Photo mode would be killer though if it was a game worth playing.

ninsigma1213d ago

So you played about 10/15 minutes then?? Well done on giving it a chance...

traumadisaster1213d ago

The idea is not to get ripped off regardless of income, invest the money you save from being frugal.

Then have more money later and possibly help your future family or philanthropy.

Don't give it away to retail.

XBLSkull1212d ago


Bungie once said it best: "In Halo 1, there was maybe 30 seconds of fun that happened over and over and over and over again. And so, if you can get 30 seconds of fun, you can pretty much stretch that out to be an entire game."

In The Order I've played 20-30 minutes of zero fun. I believe I have given it more than a fair chance.

ninsigma1212d ago

If you didn't like it, you didn't like it. I'm not going to refute your opinion because that would be stupid but the fact you didn't get to the part where the game starts properly just screams didn't bother to give it a proper chance.

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ninsigma1213d ago

It was an awesome game! Had some issues that I didn't like but over all I enjoyed what I got and it was exactly as I expected it would. No let down here!

Kalebninja1213d ago

Game was great, really needs a sequel.

Morgue1212d ago

After owning this since launch I finally sat down and finished it last week and overall I thought it was pretty good. A little vague at certain points story wise but if a sequel was too happen I would pick it up.

TrollityTroll1212d ago

Wasn't the best game I've ever played but was above average IMO. Solid gameplay and set up an interesting universe. Looked absolutely stellar as well (of course).
Many reviews stated that the game content didn't justify full price (I agree to an extent, I got it launch day but traded it in after the plat so it technically only cost me £15 or so, which was worthwhile, if I didn't have the trade-in option I would probably have waited) but would be interesting for the reviewers that did get into the "value for money" debate to revisit their review based on what they consider to be an "appropriate" price (and this is more than low enough to justify giving the game a shot).
That's where the issue is when you start reviewing based on intangibles (such as "value for money". Technically their reviews are no longer relevant because any review that commented on it "not being worth a full price game" no longer applies. Unfortunately it seems to be more and more common these days (happened with Ryse as well)

bggriffiths1212d ago

I reviewed it at launch, and finished it twice. But not played it since. Visuals aside (so pretty!) I wasn't impressed with the game thanks to the regular lack of actual gameplay and that still stands. But the gunfights were good when they appeared.

That said, I still think gamers can get something out of it when the price is right, especially if they can trade it in without losing much money.

I also wrote about how a sequel could match the hype next time with some improvements (links to be found in the article above). Would be a shame for the potential to go to waste if this is the first and last game in the series.

FunkyGoron1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Eh... an OK game. The story and the setting really intrigued me. I'd play another game in the series but I would hope to have more combat and stealth areas. I don't need chapters where I don't play the game.

Create an inventory so if I like one of the few cool weapons to you created I can use them as much as I want. The gun that shot dust/powder over everything and then I shot a charge at it to make it explode was really cool. Too bad I only used it in 1 maybe 2 missions the whole game.

iain041212d ago

Just finished it this morning and have to say I enjoyed it. I'm not that good at games so something short and not very taxing is right up my street.

Yukes1212d ago

Would highly recommend Bloodborne in that case. It's brief, extremely forgiving and very restful. Like a stroll through a bluebell-infested woodland.

iain041212d ago

Got that game free with machine. Needless to say it doesn't get much play.

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