Ready At Dawn CEO Prefers ‘Red Dead Redemption’ Over 'Mass Effect'

Ready At Dawn CEO Andrea Pessino on his favorite title over the last 15 years.

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hiredhelp1208d ago

Me too but its prefrence thats all.

LordMaim1208d ago

I prefer Red Dead Redemption as well, but that doesn't mean I also don't love Mass Effect. I also prefer a million dollars to $999,999 dollars. I wouldn't turn down either.

LordMaim1208d ago

Apparently one person would hold out for that last dollar. SMH

SmielmaN1208d ago

With regards to the headline, I 100% agree.

HebrewHammer1208d ago

And I prefer both to The Order: 1886 lol

3-4-51208d ago

I prefer both as they have different ways of telling stories.

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Septic1208d ago

Mass Effect for me. Love that universe!

OverdosedWitDopeness1208d ago

Mass effect any day over red dead redemption IMO both are great I just prefer rpgs.

skulz71208d ago

Different types of games but I do agree. It's all opinion based tho, both are fantastic!


Prefer Red Dead as a game.

I like the ME universe, but I didn't enjoy aspects of gameplay etc as much as I did Red Dead

chrisx1208d ago

They are both completely different types of games

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The story is too old to be commented.