Ten Vita Games you should be excited for

Thought the Vita had no games incoming? These may not all be exclusives but The Vita Lounge give their opinion on the ten games they are most excited for! Any here for you?

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TomatoDragon1212d ago

Been waiting so long for Severed. Game looks great. There's actually a ton of Vita games incoming. Over 300.

Becuzisaid1212d ago

Wish they would've gotten ps2 classics on the system. And ICO collection.

KryptoniteTail1212d ago

I want Collectems but the developers are very quiet. Their forums are dead silent and website hasn't been updated in months...I was told it won't release this year so I guess the silence isn't troubling yet but I need that damn game lol.

I remember the "Vita has no games" days. It was barren but now has a fine number of games, and these upcoming games are highly anticipated.

Protagonist1212d ago

Great list. Also worth mentioning: Rain World. I really like the tone of this game.