Lazygamer's MGSV: The Phantom Pain Review – Who’s the Big Boss?

Lazygamer review Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Is it a title worthy of your time? Absolutely! The open world adventure of Big Boss has hours and hours of awesome content waiting to be explored!

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moonstormer1212d ago

finally someone who loved the game but doesn't think it was perfect!

DarkOcelet1212d ago

"Before diving into the game myself, I had only played Metal Gear Solid 1 and 2 (a sin, I know), "

I really think to be invested completely, he should have played them all.

But overall a good score and a great review.

mafiahajeri1212d ago

Please everyone we all know a troll review is coming, dont give them hits!

HairyKnees1212d ago

I wish circumstances had been different so I could experience the game with the knowledge of all the previous titles embedded in my brain. That being said, I've gone out of my way to read up on anything relevant, and I am now playing MGS3. I will follow with the others all in good time. In the meantime, I am just going to sit back and patiently wait for The Phantom Pain to release :D

Thanks for the positive feedback by the way <3

Insomnia_841212d ago


This one is not exclusive to Playstation. We won't see many troll reviews now.

HairyKneesFan1212d ago

I knew HairyKnees since he was a small boy in Madeira. His role model from day one was always CR7, but as some know Ronaldo who comes from the same region in Portugal. He watched young Ronaldo play football on the streets, dreaming of his day being able to do the same or even better, review a FIFA game. Till this day it's a myth we do not speak about in these parts, but I know that deep down, small little HairyKnees knows he will always be able to review his rolemodel in the game they share and love