Why doesn’t anyone seem to take mobile gaming seriously? - The Solutions

I share my opinions on the solutions for why nobody seems to take mobile gaming seriously. A extended response to Joe Hindy's post on Android Authority.

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Activemessiah1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

Because it's not meant to be taken seriously... same way you go to a circus and you start thinking those clowns are in fact there just find a way to plot your demise. Just play the games and have fun.

Ignore the clowns.

Roccetarius1213d ago

Pretty much this. Mobile is just too limited to be taken seriously, not to mention most of the software is made to rip you off.

Lamboomington1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )


Mobile is not too limited to deliver great gaming experiences, both with high quality presentation and lots of depth.
Games like Republique, Infinity Blade, Real Racing 3, The Walking Dead (port), XCOM (port) have shown that.

It's just that most mobile games aren't like that. Most games are casual, and the mainstream 'higher quality' mobile games like Modern Combat and Nova are... stupid. Asphalt is too casual and boring after a while.

Mobile is not too limited. The fact that you have working ports of The Walking Dead, XCOM and infinity engine RPGs like Baldur's gate ! The very fact that those ports work great and are well received should tell you that mobile is not too limited for great experiences.

Real Racing 3, played without assists and manual acceleration felt like NFS shift and Gran Tourismo. The amount of detail and depth is phenomenal ! Infact, for racing, phone is brilliant ! The steering is even better than a controller.

Sure, mbiles are far less capable than dedicated gaming consoles or a PC, but that doesn't mean they're useless for games.

Baka-akaB1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

"Games like Republique, Infinity Blade, Real Racing 3, The Walking Dead (port), XCOM (port) have shown that."

No offense but you arent going to convince anyone against mobile gaming , with titles like that that still pale in quality compared to many home consoles and handheld games . Or that are just barely able to mimick , clone or port some of those . And those people arent going to judge them "in retrospect of them being mobile game" ... they wont go "hey not bad for a mobile game!" or "it's a good port" , they just will roll their eyes and still not care , as they strive for more or are used to better.

For most of us , there isnt a single mobile game that can compete against the best consoles/pc titles , that isnt just a port .

There are too many compromises and change needed for most of those games so they could fit its public , the controls and gameplay . or even the distribution model .

Like you said the focus is elsewhere anyway when it comes to mobile gaming

mixelon1212d ago

XCOM and FTL are some of the rare games where touch controls make a lot of sense, and from a certain perspective improve things.

Then there's weird stuff like Minecraft's PE occasionally leapfrogging the console ones features. (They have infinite worlds, realms server support, etc) - sometimes devs make the best of what they have to work with.

Baka-akaB1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Maybe but those are again ports ... ports from games that some would even argue still works better on their original pc platform .

Where are the defining games of mobile , it's pillar that can stand against consoles or pc gaming ... If stuff like Infinity Blade are it ... it's no wonder it wont be taking seriously .

Just imagine a second if console like the DS and vita only mostly had ports and lesser clones to flaunt , instead of their most popular or well received titles ? Would you think highly of the platform ?

Where are the mobiles original high quality games in the vein of GTA , Halo , Smash bros , Xenoblade , Skyrim , WItcher , Street Fighter , Gears of War , Uncharted , Zelda , Metroid etc ?

It will come eventually , hell stuff like FF moebius sounds promising from afar , but right now ... it's a wasteland for great games appealing to the console and pc crowd , except oldies and too few exceptions

3-4-51212d ago

* It's like asking why cars that have 15 hp and only go 20 mph aren't taken seriously.

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masterfox1213d ago

uh? Is there an actual reason to take mobile gamin seriously?, nothing to see here people moving on...

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Hoffmann1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Because most of the games are more shallow, more simple than even the majority of the Game Boy games from 1989-1993.

Many of them have a gameplay that reminds me at those old lcd games from Tiger Electronics.

Genova841212d ago

I do love me some gameboy though. Even some of the tiger games were solid. I also had a mattel football game that was just lights. It was awesome! All those had one thing that most phones don't though. Buttons. I need a d-pad. Angry birds, cut the rope and all those other games are fine and all, but with a legit d-pad and other buttons we could see some nice games in the future. That aside, it's not for me.

Link to the mattel football game image and description:

ShaunCameron1212d ago

I used to own and have beaten 2 of those LCD games. Double Dragon and Mega Man 3.

Hoffmann1212d ago

Haha I remember the Double Dragon one

silvacrest1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Because using on screen controls rather then a traditional controller absolutely sucks balls.

Because mobile games are often inferior to even PSP games, never mind home consoles.

When the most popular mobile games range from angry birds to candy crush, console gamers will have no interest.

High quality mobile games are often ports of console games, GTA, XCOM etc.

Microtransactions are a plague, especially on mobile games

Thats just from the top of my head, im sure there's more.

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