Game over? How mobile gaming in Asia is losing its leading market share

RL writes: In the Asia-Pacific mobile application market, mobile games are still the most popular category of downloaded apps. According to research conducted by Distimo, almost 50% of all apps downloaded were attributable to the games category. The second most popular downloaded category in Asia is entertainment, which is accountable for approximately 10-15% of all downloads. However, we know that, today, smartphones aren’t used only for calling, texting, and killing time. What is the current movement of downloading applications in Asia? Is gaming still the largest category, or are other applications, such as utility and productivity apps, taking market share? In this article, I will provide insights in what is currently happening in the Asia-Pacific mobile application market. To start, I will provide an overview of the distribution of app downloads between categories in 2011, to give an idea what the mobile app market looked like a couple years back.

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