UK Nintendo eShop releases for 27th August 2015

Devil's Third leads the Nintendo eShop Releases for 27th August 2015.

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RosweeSon1212d ago

Virtual consoles games?! Nope.

Locknuts1212d ago

That sucks. I love my VC games.

RosweeSon1212d ago

Same here specially as we only get one really good one every month or so ;(
GBA and SNES on 3DS Come on Nintendo I'm not asking too much. At least get the entire older virtual console running on newer systems.
Metal gear and Resident Evil for Gameboy colour please amongst others, also really want Super Mario World on my 3DS (SNES Version) and then rather than original Wii games which still work on Wii U how about the GameCube games promised or mentioned over a year ago now and that without owning said GameCube can't even play, Mario Sunshine and F-Zero GX are screaming out. So many classics just so drip fed it's unreal. By the time were getting any more decent games next Nintendo console will be around, Sega are putting Nintendo to shame with the 3D classics range Nintendo started nearly 2 years ago and have about 6 titles maybe 7 Sega started a year ago and already way into double figures, come on Nintendo. Please.