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The Coalition did a great job remastering the first Gears of War. Campaign is still intense and fun and it looks brilliant in 1080p, and multiplayer, with new maps and modes at 60fps, is even better. It also includes the complete saga for Xbox 360.

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Rookie_Monster1209d ago

Dang...all the great scores are pilling up for this game but the one score that is a 7 from Gamespot has all the comments. LoL, you gotta love N4G.

Anyways, can't wait for tomorrow when I get to play this bad boy.

jb2271208d ago

May be that all of the 9 and higher scores that I've read so far haven't actually played any of the mp and have all been incorrect about the 60 fps campaign? Either they have bumped it up to 60 since the confirmation or we have a lot of reviewers that were going to gave this game a perfect score the moment it was announced. I honestly don't think a game that's got a huge mp following should be reviewed and given high marks w/o actually playing a single match, but maybe I'm the crazy one.

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FlexLuger1209d ago


Take a break from N4G. and from people's inboxes.Especially mine. Its like you're trolling knows no limits. I dont care about nothing you have to say.

The true nature of a fanboy exposed: