Gears of War Ultimate Edition review I Xbox Players

Years of waiting are over, Gears of War Ultimate Edition is finally here on Next Gen and ...... Well you'll have to read it to find out what 2 veteran Gears of War fans thought of it.

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ukchi3f1208d ago

Amazing game, hope the multiplayer can match the campaign

DeadlyOreo1207d ago

The multiplayer doesn't have story though. I'm really confused.

Jollyk1207d ago

Looked beautiful on it's original release on 360, but the work they've done on this re-release looks amazing.

Looks like a brand new game, not a remastered classic, hoping this bring some much needed life into the Xbox One Multiplayer, because imo since it was released in 2013 not many games have really captured that epic multiplayer feel like this game did.

Great review as well.

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Imalwaysright1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

Can't go wrong with those games.

jb2271207d ago

It may be worth noting that this review gave the game such high marks for its sp & its mp even though they admit to never having actually played a single match. A little disingenuous to me. Also they tout the 60 fps boost even though the campaign, the only part they actually played, is locked at 30. Even IGN's review in progress said that the full game runs at 60 even though the campaign is at 30. I'm all for the game receiving high marks if it is deserving, but when the reviewers haven't even played a vital half of the game and are actively ignorant of the actual specs, its hard to take it seriously. I personally think reviews like these w/ vital mp sections should be posted after release when they have a chance to truly judge the user's experience, or at the very least the reviewers should actually play the full game as a prerequisite...assumed that would be common sense in this day & age.

StrayaKNT1207d ago

Still the best ever tps mp game made and I can't wait to get back into it I can already see 1000 hours put into this gem

ukchi3f1207d ago

Im trying to decide is I should go for Seriously again,

Brisco1207d ago

What's going on with all the stealth disagrees.. Great game can't wait to play it.

Kiwi661207d ago

Probably due it being an xbox game getting good reviews might have something to do with it or its just someone who just likes to disagree with everything

chaos9991207d ago

Probably the hate around these re-releases

Spotie1207d ago

If you haven't played it yet, how do you know it's great?

gangsta_red1207d ago

Are you seriously asking if the remastered version of Gears of War One will be great?

is there any indication he hasn't played the original?

magiciandude1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

How do you know he hasn't played the original? This is a remake and judging by the reviews it only indicates that it's a great remake at that.

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