Buckle up for exciting Black Ops 3 Beta news

MWEB GameZone writes: "Treyarch are rewarding PS4 Black Ops 3 Beta players in a big way."

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Sillicur1125d ago

Excellent news for PS4 owners, wonder if the Xbox One players will also get a beta extension!

HanCilliers1125d ago

So what's the final verdict? It's the CoD we've been waiting for, or pass again?

DeadlyOreo1125d ago

It is definitely a decent Call of Duty game, Treyarch have got the gameplay spot on. Just a few things need a bit of balancing though.

HanCilliers1123d ago

Will prolly get sorted after the betas

Master-H1125d ago

It's certainly more fun than the last two, Ghosts and AW.

FlexLuger1124d ago

It plays like COD with wall running. But it plays like recent CODS. Feels like recent CODS. Up to you how you feel about that. I wasnt a fan though.

Paytaa1124d ago

It's not another CoD 4 or MW2 if that's what you're asking. Think of BlOps2 and AW have a baby but is a lot more fun than AW and the maps are designed a lot better. I think it's a step in the right direction and I'm glad they did a beta for the first time since WAW but I'm probably not going to buy it since CoD isn't really my thing anymore. Glad others are enjoying it though.

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PSN_ZeroOnyx1125d ago

Sad to see it go so soon, but thankx for the extension Treyarch.

Majin-vegeta1125d ago

They need to tone down the aim assist.It's like a damn magnet -_-/.