Despite poor performance, UbiSoft gets buy rating

UbiSoft Entertainment hasn't been putting out great news in the financial statements. They've taken a nice loss in the first half of their fiscal year, but it was bolstered by improving expectations. Now UbiSoft gets a little more praise with a buy rating.

Analysts with Wedbush Morgan Securities expect UbiSoft stock to hit €34 within the next 12 months on an expected 30% earnings growth. The price is currently hovering around €19. This means UbiSoft could expect good things in their future (possibly profitability).

As usual, UbiSoft is expected to make this happen on the backs of key franchises, like the Tom Clancy series and Prince of Persia. The trick is for Ubi to not destroy their franchises; nothing will destroy your business better than turning your popular games into junk.

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Captain Tuttle4382d ago

For Ubisoft, gamers and the whole industry.

joemutt4382d ago

I doubt there is anyone in here that knows but I was trying to get some and they were bought out by another company or something.

I dont rremember the details but now would be another great time to get some.

I have 72 shares in EA already, that is my lock for the week if anyone is interested. And another 75 in Microsoft.

By the time I retire, the videogame industry will pay me back all the money I spent on games and consoles my entire life, and alot more.

TheXgamerLive4381d ago (Edited 4381d ago )

The available qty. changes from day to day. There's not unlimited shares but shares as you know are constantly bought and sold, just check in daily if it's at a price you like. If they get big enough, sucessful enough they could split, lol, naaa that's walmart type companies that do that, well and Microsoft:))

UBI does seem to have the right game plan and games aimed at the true next gen. direction so I wouldn't be surprised to see them sore.