Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Review in Progress | IGN

Brian: I can’t stop thinking about how refreshing Gears of War: Ultimate Edition feels. This first struck me as odd both because the original Gears is nine years old, and because I’ve played through that game several times.

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TheVigilanteCode1210d ago

Wait, so incomplete and in-progress reviews / articles gets approved on N4G now ? What is this, a site controlled by Ubisoft ? lol

Mr Pumblechook1210d ago

I can't stand 'review in progress' reviews. As professional gaming outlets they get the download code in advance of the public. They should put in the hours to finish the game and write the review. I've completed the original Gears I know how long it takes to clock. Unless it is a massive RPG this 'in progress' guff is inexcusable and has been posted to gets hits by offering a verdict that isn't actually a final verdict. Shameful and I will not click I will go to a website that bothers to write a full review.

Jdoki1209d ago

I take the opposite view... With most sites racing to be the first out the gate with half-assed reviews, I would prefer a site to take their time.

The article (in the very first paragraph) makes it clear why they have not posted a review... They wanted to check the multiplayer side under real conditions.

The more interesting question is... If IGN are holding back the Gears review because of testing multiplayer, why didn't they do the same for MGSV's online features...

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styferion1209d ago

they usually do it on games with multiplayer as you can't really review that properly until public get their hands on the game..

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