Has the new Lighting Ruined the Atmosphere in Gears of War?

Has the new Lighting Ruined the Atmosphere in Gears of War? Glen Fortkamp of Gamerheadquarters visits this question in Gears of War: Ultimate Edition which in itself has been given a huge visual uplift and a completely redone lighting system.

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MSBAUSTX1205d ago

Absolutely not. It still has the dark and gloomy feel to it. It just isnt a complete haze with areas where you cant see anything. The 8 thru 9.5 scores it is getting would back up that it hasnt "ruined" anything. Watch that IGN first hour video and you can see it holds its atmousphere just fine.

2cents1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

Agreed, it looks really atmospheric to me.
Nice price too :)

TheCommentator1205d ago

Also agreed, and since it comes with all the 360 games too you can play whichever one you like!

meanthyme1205d ago

Luckily,if I were bothered to be affected by this,I would simply adjust the brightness down on my tv. Thinking right outside the box there.

LatinGamer2141205d ago

Well said meanthyme. Cant wait to play some gears ;)

loganbdh1205d ago

Wtf is up with these click bait articles???

Neixus1205d ago

This is just his opinion, i however don't agree with it, but it is a legitimate thought regarding the lighting update.

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