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Late in the story of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, Marcus Fenix kicks down the front door of his childhood home. He finds the wallpaper peeling, the furniture in disarray, and a fine layer of dust blanketing every surface.

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suckingeggs1212d ago

Still a good score.. Can't wait to play gears

Kingthrash3601212d ago ShowReplies(13)
TrollityTroll1211d ago

Seriously, who really cares about the score for this game? Everyone knows EXACTLY what they are getting because the game has been out for years. It's not like anyone is really going to buy this and go "Holy crap, this didn't meet my expectations".
Same as all the other redone games, Uncharted, TLoU, Halo (sans network issues) etc.
People who never played the originals can check the score of those games (the core gameplay is essentially the same). People who loved the originals and are buying this anyway would buy it even if it got a 1/10.
Unless the game is actually broken, scores for redone games are IMO totally pointless.

jb2271211d ago

I've gotta agree when the games are simple remasters. The Gears UE might warrant a rescore though considering all of the upgrades & improvements that went into it bringing it more in line w/ an actual remake vs. a remaster. Of course, these changes aren't necessarily always for the best, so the scores should fluctuate in consideration to the final quality.

What I didn't understand was the downgrade in scores for the God of War 3 remaster when nothing was actually changed and it was essentially only a resolution and framerate bump.

GoW III for the ps3 currently sits at a 91 on mc, while the remaster for the ps4 sits at an 82. How can a game lose nearly 10 points when it is essentially the exact same game made a bit prettier and smoother? That is pretty bogus to me, illustrates the issues w/ current day games journalism really.

Mr Logic1210d ago


I disagree and here's why.

I know I'll catch flak from the Nintendo fanboys, but I'm going to say this anyways. (Keep in mind I'm not dissing your games, just using it as an example)

Gaming is constantly evolving, it is not static, standards change.

Something like Ocarina of Time which received universal praise and virtually perfect scores is dated. If you took that game and just prettied it up and re-released it, by modern standards there is no way it would score 9s and 10s. Same rings true for any game. I love GOW III, but in the 5 years since it's release we've had good hacknslash games like DMC and Bayonetta that it now needs to be judged against, not in a vacuum.

JMaine5181212d ago

Didn't expect anything lower than a 8. Still getting this DAY 1!

Rimeskeem1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Its gamespot, they always like to lower it by around a point

slappy5081212d ago

So they should have given Metal gear solid 11/10? :p

sparced1212d ago

Even worse than the Master Chief collection. GOW has aged badly and a new gloss of paint doesn't fool me.

TwoForce1212d ago

Are you sure about that ? After you said, i don't know about this.

Dario_DC1212d ago

I think it looks good. The AI seems to be as dumb as it was back then but still not too bad.
My problem with this remaster is being 30fps... There's no reason for a remaster to be 30fps - I know MP is 60fps, but still doesn't make sense to have the campaign capped at 30fps.
Anyway for Gears fans this is a good game.

WellyUK1212d ago

Still the best MP experience of last gen by a mile. Will be just as good this gen.

PeaSFor1212d ago


that's pretty subjective, you could prefer Justin Bieber over the Beattles and it wouldnt matter, whats best for you may be average for others.

Professor_K1211d ago

This is just 1 review for shits sakes, you guys just love blowing something out of nothing

Trekster_Gamer1211d ago

Just like your trolling doesn't fool anyone.

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