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Pure Hold’em is the first poker game to make its way on to the Playstation 4 and it probably won’t be the last; however, based on the sheer realism and fun of my experience playing, it will take some beating to make a better poker simulation than this. VooFoo Studios have carried on the tradition of making the pub games we all love so much into realistic simulations we can play in our own home; Pure Chess and Pure Pool were spot on in terms of realism, but Pure Hold’em is about as close to playing the real thing as you’re going to get without actually shuffling and bluffing in the flesh.

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KiwiViper851180d ago

Can't believe it took this long to get Poker on Next Gen...

NewZealander1180d ago

sadly there wasn't enough decent poker games on last gen consoles, testdrive 2 probably had the best casino, and that was meant to be a racing game, here's hoping texas holdem etc. will do better on current gen consoles.