Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain review | Metal Gear Informer

For a series that has been around since 1987 to constantly reinvent itself and stay relevant is an accomplishment in itself. But to totally break what you expect a game can do for you emotionally & mentally – and at the end of the day have fun with it and give you legitimate joy – is something special.

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showtimefolks1211d ago

wow konami you knuckle heads you are letting go of a legend. can't wait to play mgs 5.

I believe we have a winner for game of the year

bloodborne didn't get these many perfect scores
I don't fallout or halo 5 will get that many perfect scores

mgs 5 has set the bar really high

thank you kojima for one last get ride through mgs universe

Gatsu1211d ago

One of the most enjoyable reviews I've read, coming from the heart of a long time fan :). It's one of the reviews that really stood out to me from the others I read yesterday.

Thanks crimsonfox you rock <3.