Destiny is Leveling Up Thanks to The Taken King Updates

The Taken King content for Destiny is making fundamental changes to the game. And its going to make the game awesome.

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ninsigma1210d ago

Really excited for getting back into this and it's these changes that are making that happen! Can't wait to pick up my collectors edition :D

Venomousfatman1210d ago

Going to be a lot of things to explore on update day. I heard the collectors edition has a lot of stuff in it.

ninsigma1210d ago

Yup! I haven't played the first two expansions either so I have plenty to be doing :D

This is the collectors edition. Lots of nice things inside :D

rbailey1210d ago

defintely looking forward to jumping back into Destiny next month.

Venomousfatman1210d ago

Lots of people are probably going to do the same thing. Bet their servers get bombarded like crazy.