Top 10: The best games of the Final Fantasy series

If you are curious about the Final Fantasy series but do not know where to start, (there are 14 main games and many spin-offs), this is the article for you.

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1125d ago
Tiqila1125d ago

on my list 6 comes before 7, but its really hard to rank them all.

ninsigma1125d ago

7 is top for me. Loved it from start to end!

DeusEx-Machina1125d ago

With 14 existing games of which 2 are mmo spin-offs, a simple ranking would have made more sense than a top-10 IMO.

Anyway, FF6 is IMO the best FF. I guess I like 10 second best, but I would rank 9 higher than 10 nonetheless.

Sly-Lupin1124d ago

Yeah, that was my thought.

Top ten? But there are only 12. Weird. It's more like saying, which two Final Fantasy games suck the most?

1125d ago
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