7 Times Cars Don't Work Like That, You Guys

OX writes: "How difficult can it be for a game to get right the hundreds of delicately interconnected mechanical components of a motor vehicle? Super difficult, it turns out, with impossible physics, dramatised drifting and other mechanical weirdness all on the rap sheet. Here are seven times cars just don't work like that, you guys."

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FlexLuger1127d ago

Don "Im going to kill your business" mattrick was behind test drive? no way!

TeamLeaptrade1127d ago

Interesting video. I love how crazy driving can be in games though.

LightofDarkness1127d ago

Just discovered this channel recently, very well produced and great writing.

reallyNow1127d ago

Would've preferred it if he dissected sims instead of arcade games.

DERKADER1127d ago

Exactly. An arcade racer isn't trying to simulate real life driving it's meant to be fun. I don't understand the point of this video. If he wanted a simulation play a sim.

reallyNow1127d ago

the entertainment value for me is limited since this is the equivalent of talking about how green the grass is.

Mustang300C20121127d ago

Reality check. It is a video game.

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